Battleship Incomparable 8 Kills & 317k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Incomparable 8 Kills & 317k Damage
✅ Link to Replay: ✅
About the Warship: British Tier X Battleship

Map: Haven
Mode: Random Battle
Player: Mrmr19 (EU)
Kills: 8 Ships
Players of my team: Mrmr19, Colar5, CK1Heat, Kanneloni90, valredbaron, TIMESUP1, Spike_329, abrisskugel, cyboripper, Balticseal, ruby_the_gamer, littlebitcrazy
Players of the enemy team: LuckyLuckshots, Alnips, MISIEKLIV1983, Nicolas_Armesto, StarskyandHutch1, Kriegsdonner, MorfeusHawk, Mrs_Sakurai, xunlogishx3, Erotoman_Gawedziarz, kptGregory, mestar12
Damage caused: 317110
Version: 0.11.7
Achievements earned: High Caliber, Devastating Strike, Confederate, Kraken Unleashed!, Coordinated Attack, It’s Just a Flesh Wound!, General Offensive

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  1. Man that was some good shipping oh man you kicked ass and you finally destroy that little destroyer that was giving you a lot of trouble excellent job

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