Battleship Montana: Kraken or no Kraken, lets see – World of Warships

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Battleship Montana: Kraken or no Kraken, lets see – World of Warships
WoWs replays – best World of Warships games
Montana: 305k damage, 5 ships destroyed – World of Warships
Montana is a US American tier X Battleship.
The Montana is part of the US American Battleship line.
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One of the largest battleships in the world. She was slightly inferior to Iowa-class ships in terms of speed, but had more main guns and significantly stronger torpedo protection. Montanas armor was conventionally arranged and considerably reinforced.

Battle Stats:
Version: 12.6.0
Server: EU
Time: 31-07-2023 11:26:12 EU TIME
Player: newjerseysimp69
Ship: Montana
Damage: 305564
Destroyed ships: 5
Map: Shatter
North American islands somewhere near Canada.

Mods used for the replay recordings: WG modstation (calm sea, fog removed) World of Warships

You want to send me your WoWs replay?
Requirements: +3,5k BXP or +300k dmg, or 8 ships destroyed, or Solo Warrior. Send me the link/replay via mail, to find on the channel info page. Thank you!


  1. That enemy Azuma almost got sent to Davy Jones locker with that first salvo and he got lucky. But Montana said “not anymore”.

  2. Jesus that was close for the op.

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