Battleship Montana – Malta deleted from 28km range

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Montana — American Tier X battleship. The Montana class was intended as a successor to the Iowa-class battleships: They were larger, better armored, and more heavily armed. Their armament was supposed to consist of twelve 406 mm guns housed in four triple-gun turrets. Preliminary design work began before the U.S. entered World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor delayed the construction of battleships, and the success of aircraft carriers in the Battle of the Coral Sea and Battle of Midway led the U.S. Navy to abandon the Montana class in favor of aircraft carriers, assault ships, and anti-submarine ships.

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World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod

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  1. Surgical tumor removal……hahahahahahahahahahahaha……..

  2. The single greatest “OFF TO A GREAT START” in world of warships history.

  3. Love how everyone was cheering him on

  4. @Grand_Master_Aries

    Daaaamn! That’s gotta be the greatest shot in the history of WOWS. A 17 mile insta-killshot salvo on a CV with a Montana to start a match. Mannn, I wouldn’t even be mad if I was killed by a shot like that.

  5. So glad that even the enemy team cheered him on. It’s so nice to see that even in a game where everything is so messed up that some people still have the ability to honor and congratulate people on the other team. The sea remembers its own.

    • Messed up surely. This class is so stupid that no matter if you kill 10 planes out of a 12-plane squadron, those 2 little shits will still launch 1000 torps.

    • So glad that everyone in 2024, still hate CV (and subs of course) equally! No matter is it yours CV or enemy team CV.

    • @@Radbug11 Nobody would hate them if they were balanced. Of course, not fully balanced, because one ship must be better than others at some points, but the same thing as with the torps… I was playing against a Richthofen… He had 2 planes left, those 2 planes managed to deal 11k damage with 2 bullets hitting a Moskva…

    • @@anmagaming2470 Sure, but they aren’t. Therefore – pure hate is the way!

  6. Nice background music you got there. Much better than the awful vanilla in-battle music of WoWs.

  7. If I were that cv I would be crying

  8. @lawranceanderson9864


  9. The number of compliments this dude probably recieved…

  10. when monty dispersion works on broadsides

  11. I try that all the time and get nothing but bounces and shatters.

  12. It’s a beautiful thing!

  13. Well done! x3

  14. what a air superiority

  15. @rifatprayogaaa9889

    But the torps was insane too

  16. their chat just blew up after that hit. both sides were like “WTF???”

  17. 4:00 the two swarms of torps coming in from two different directions were the enemy meaning business after their CV got slammed out

  18. CV: nooo you shouldn’t take away our spotting ability in first minute!!!!
    Also CV:

  19. @alexanderlindner8296

    He didn’t see that coming for sure
    Imagine you fly around looking for a target to annoy and baaaam deleted

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