Battleship Ohio: 490k in Arms Race – World of Warships

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Battleship Ohio: 490k in Arms Race – World of Warships
Ohio: 490k damage, 5 ships destroyed – World of Warships
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Ohio is a US American tier 10 Battleship.
The Ohio is part of the US American Battleship line.
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A battleship representing the Montana-class ship design, featuring 457 mm main battery guns placed in twin turrets designed in the U.S.A. in the late 1930s.

Battle Stats:
Version: 0.10.10
Server: RU
Time: 13-11-2021 17:55:34 EU TIME
Player: kkb89
Ship: Ohio
Damage: 490176
Destroyed ships: 5
Map: Warrior’s Path
A hypothetical Canadian archipelago is the setting for Warrior’s Path. Opposing teams must navigate through numerous islands in order to engage the enemy, and only careful positioning will allow capital ships to support their teammates without risk of crippling torpedo strikes from destroyers lurking amongst the rocks. This map can only be played in three-area Domination Battle mode.

Mods used for the replay recordings: WG modstation (calm sea, fog removed) World of Warships

You want to send me your WoWs replay?
Requirements: +3k BXP or +300k dmg, or 8 ships destroyed, or Solo Warrior. Send me the link/replay via mail, to find on the channel info page. Thank you!


  1. My favorite Battleship in action

  2. Дерганый какой-то. Досматривать не стал.

  3. what should I get first Ohio or Siegfried?

  4. its like watching a crack addict in a crack store . eyes everywhere

  5. He did a mistake at the BB brawl at A. He should not have shot the Yamato, instead should have shot the Conqueror because the Yamato was going to take a full broadside of torps.

    There was not much to watch for the whole match. The action only happened at 12:44 where he contested for A. Everything else was hiding behind islands. At 6:11, he did not think about slowing down to finish off the cruiser but ran off behind the island and let the DD to fight off a cruiser.

  6. Денис Боня

    Ощущения пространства, габаритов, направления движения, отсутствуют вовсе. Дёргается в разные стороны. Такое, как новичка посадали сразу на десятку

  7. I call this “battle”

  8. Шабашник_by

    мля.. эльфийские бои выкладывать.. ну это такое себе..

  9. Wow… best brawl ever!

  10. Marcos Antônio Rodrigues

    Name final músic

  11. Нерфить линкоры, слишком сильно на бой влияют

  12. Владислав Б

    Начало боя – ниачом.
    Возможно, парня отвлекали,
    Но врыв, случишийся потом,
    Зачётен яйцами из стали.

  13. u got too much lucky for red team. red bb looks like bots

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