BATTLESHIP vs DESTROYER!! (World of Warships: Legends)

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Today we check out World of Warships: Legends on PS4 and Xbox One! Sponsored by Wargaming.


  1. (First Comment)
    Like if u think tg is the best youtuber

  2. Plzzz play more bigfoot or stranded deep

  3. *Tg playfar cry new dawn please! TEAM TG FOR LIFE*

  4. Dude, stop saying “CAMP – bell – town” lol
    It’s just “camble-ton”
    Still love y’all tho.

  5. Please play more finding Bigfoot and play world of warship with Samara or/ the gang

  6. Void_Deafualt 69

    Been watching since rainbow six siege please play it again

  7. Tg u should play stick fight the game with samara exoph and avxry it would be really funny and cool

  8. Plz do finding bigfoot! Stop playing fortnite TOO MUCH!!

  9. Beautiful game .congratulations??????

  10. can you play creative destruction on pc or wizard 101

  11. Pls play more Bigfoot or ark with samara

    LOve your vids and keep up the good work

  12. Please play TABS (still love ur videos!)

  13. Can you play bloody roads california

  14. Fazetocixgamer Olmos

    Do a video of playing fortnite on ps4

  15. Play More Warships After Season 10 launch

  16. I play this game every day. The best way to win is to hit the destroyers first along with the cruisers before hitting the battleship

  17. You are supposed to shoot the torpedoes in the gray guided lines, it shows u where to hit and it predicts where the other ship will go

  18. We still didn’t get 500 comments

  19. Typical Gamer is the best Fortnite Player!
    (Like if u agree)

  20. Who dares TG to play with a controller like ??!

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