Battleship vs Torpedoes! Epic Naval Action in World of Warships Legends!

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  1. Already love it!

  2. Missing_Mug_Shot • 100 years ago

    Literally no one could have watched the video by now

  3. Hendrik Noordijk

    this game sounds incredible

  4. I know this gonna be sick even tho I didn’t watch it yet

  5. nice im early too suggested play war robots trust me its gonna be a great time

  6. best youtuber ever Baron your make very good videos i watched you when i was like 4

  7. You should again start playing formata and forts.

  8. The Graphics on this game look incredible

    • @shadow4 everytime true bat war thunder naval had my interest,

    • @ima potato War thunder is good in tanks and planes battles , but not naval tbh.
      Wows is a great naval game by far !

    • @Array Hafizi WOW has good graphics just WT has gotten graphics that I like cause they upgraded map made new ones water looks real but I somewhat agree with you


      @shadow4 everytime bruh u comparing pc to console. Even a kid know the fact pc is better

    • the game looks good but its not fair or blannced it makes you rage quit very quick when you get your 2nt carrier

  9. sabrisaurus The first

    1:18 american ship got colonised by the netherlands lol

  10. I don’t know if this is a thing but it would be awesome to have a star wars version of world of warships imagine having your own star destroyer and going against a rebel cruiser.

    • @NeoOblisk00 I’ve played that but it’s not the same as actually having your own ship and being able to upgrade them and take command of it.

    • @shitsmiths Ah okay. I never played it I just heard about it. Edit: I play world of warships, but not empire at war.

    • @NeoOblisk00 it’s really fun as you can see by the video

    • NeoOblisk00 Empire at war is more of a rts instead of whatever genre world of warships is. Empire at war looks like a fun game though, wish I had a pc

    • @Owen Lackey I wish I had a functioning one too. Also I think enpire at war is the closest we have right now besides squadrons

  11. I’ve been waiting for this moment, and I love this game!! And you play pretty good this game.

  12. You know what would make my day? Baron managing a B-17 on bomber crew

  13. Oh man Nostalgic game dude

    Remember Baron USED play this game

  14. Ah, the old Baron is back ♥

  15. I have been playing this game for a long Time and your really good at it! And if you a tangy character stay at your spawn more!

  16. I have it two, Its just awsome, getting 7 kills with a destroyer is just the best feeling

  17. Hey baron if you like face paced games, and a game like ravenfield, try a almost 13 year old game that is still growing, TF2!

  18. My dad is literally playing this for like 8 months now

  19. This is not the real world of warships ok you’re playing the wrong one

  20. Only the OGs will remember this kind of contents.

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