Battleship Yamato: alone in the ocean

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Japanese tier 10 battleship Yamato replay on arms race mode.

World of Warships mods:
im using offical mod station –
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle
5- Calm sea mod


  1. HE worked for him

  2. ok, that neptune got a badluck af

  3. Thanks for posting a battle

  4. Brainfart at the end? He could’ve triggered Yamamoto by finishing Preussen and then focusing on Hindenburg..

  5. Not a bad game results wise, but target selection was very questionable at times

  6. Just seeking to farm dmg, not to win.

  7. come si fa a cambiare la visuale sui proiettili che vengono sparati?

  8. Толку стоять позади всех дамажку набивать себе если победы нет в итоге
    Уж лучше 100к и победа чем 400 и слив

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