Battleship Yamato | If You’re Hard Enough | World of Warships

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  1. I had a chance to play her in ranked ( as a rental) and I loved her. I can’t wait to get her but I still have to go through the izumo . I will gather enough free xp , get the izumo and the hulls with normal xp and then get the Yamato with free xp

  2. 25k! You will get that in no time. I am considering getting into this game now…looks a lot better than war thunder ships. I am a noob at naval so I don’t know if that statement is true ?

    • As far as I’ve seen, it’s far better than WT naval, but I’m also not very experienced with WT naval

    • I mean in terms of being more polished is it better yes. But wows has many issues. Balance issues, op premiums ships( wt Premium DDs are all somwhat well balanced) yes wt does have op premium boats im looking at you Pg02. But WOWS pushes out pushes out much more premium content. If you not a fan of fantasy ships wows has a bunch of them. Issues with high tier MM and even yes some forms of powercreep. Just letting you know wows is a good game but it too has it’s own issues oh and the biggest issue most players in wows hate right now is carriers.

  3. I play bs the same way at all teirs

    As offensive tanks

  4. Best damn content since Jingles removed, copyright struck ‘Why you heff to me mad?’.
    Those salty Scottish insults!

    Much looking forwards to more WoWs content.

  5. Was that the star blazer theme song you played their

  6. i expect jingles to have a good laugh at that yamato bit lol

  7. Jingles needs to see this

  8. i like to play wows like real life, No witnesses

  9. Indeed, the only proper and fun way to play BBs. Tip of the spear, all guns blazing, grand appearence, Grog in hand and with cruiser support (last 2 are optional, but very much welcome xD ).
    Keep them coming, Koala. They are good and you will get to the 25k milestone sooner than later.

  10. whoisthisguythatsees

    1 view 42 likes and 1 dislike, balanced like all things should be

    • I’ve been having that too, YouTube’s utilizing as many brain cells as this Audacious right now it seems! XD

  11. Not gonna lie this isnt my favorite version of you koala

  12. My apologies for the couple of times I accidentally referred to “Captain Greene” as “Admiral Greene”.

    No idea how I managed to muck that up…

  13. Thanks so much for the Feature Koala. Honestly if you have the slightest clue as to how to play Yamato is so easy to play. Right after this game, we played the Aoba and got another Kraken. It was a good night I suppose.

  14. (Phly enters the chat) “Did I hear hoho very honorable?”

  15. Hahaha, you made Jingles laugh.
    To the salt mines.


    *Happy Japanese noises*

  17. As always laughed my ass off good video mate made my day. All best.

  18. I actually enjoy having carriers in the match. Even more so when I’m in an American cruiser or battleship. But I mainly play Japanese ships I currently am primarily using AKIZUKI

  19. “Why didn’t ya dodge em man?!

    Cause Banzai!

    It’s been an age since I Warshipped. Yami was my T10 of choice so this is good to see.

  20. I wonder if this double Battleship strategy would work on any tier cause this looks fun

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