Battleships working as advertised | World of warships

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  1. i know the pain of the french bb guns, you just described my love/hate relationship with the Jean Bart. most of the time rng makes want to just put a secondary build on it and be done with aiming

  2. Great video, WoWS is just getting as boring as shit.

  3. In game nick is QuantumPhyzStix, so, everytime you mention your friend “Quantum” I use to answer back 😛

  4. “he sailed forward, got slapped once and proceeded to explode” So he got Dev Struck? Or in the case of Battleships doing the same thing, Witherer.

  5. I was actually just enjoying the look of this camo in my game today. Stylized waves, snowflakes, lights that actually twinkle, and even a stylized Christmas tree on the back of the conning tower. I just think its silly fun for some reason.

  6. You’re so impressed by yourself. You have a good ship, you’ve got backup. What more could you want?

  7. Excuse me Sir?!… i got the same camo, and i like it! 😋😜

  8. low tier cruiser in front of a BB pretend you are playing a smolensk and you will survive

  9. Great vid RagingCanadian. I am still grinding the Bretagne and will keep in mind what you said about French AP.

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