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  1. *Phellas!!* Hope you enjoy and are excited about some future videos to come out on this gamemode as the Dev team clears us for a full playsesh.

  2. Avͫaͤrͫiͤk von Nom

    This looks like a lot of fun, can’t wait to try it. 😀

  3. Battlestations pacific was the first game i played as a kid that really got me into ww2 vehicles and tactics which eventually led to war thunder. Love this.

    • i think i was way too young to really understand it. i remember i could never beat a mission where i had to protect a carrier for a certain amount of time. after that i kinda gave up and just played the level where you could spawn whatever you liked 🙂

    • Midway and pacific were so much fun back in the days. I reinstalled them via steam a few months ago… Childhood memories… Wow now I feel old

    • @Christian Crott same :'(

    • Yup same, it was the very first ww2 game in my childhood and it is so good I was addicted playing for hours. thank God this mode exist.

  4. This looks fun, I might have to start grinding out naval

    • @Justin Alexander isn’t it a funny cycle how people don’t play naval because it doesn’t have enough players?

    • Autism is Uncontrollable

      @Epic Daviii “u have to grind in most games” no, no you don’t.

    • For new naval players, you rather not reach 4.7/5.0 for now.
      You will be constantly uptiered fighting battleships at 6.0 or even the Ikoma (a half assed battleship) at 5.7
      I remember complaining years ago about my Tiger I facing Centurions with stab ans APDS but compared to DDs and CLs facing BBs that was a child play.

    • @ousou78 i play on 4.3 with the russian bluewater navy, 4.3 and 2.0 are the BEST br’s in the entirety of naval, you don’t face things that you can’t take out, you generally have good lineups for most trees
      i don’t leave those br’s, and so should you if you want to have fun in naval, otherwise it gets like cancer really quickly

  5. I would actually sell my soul to get either A. This sponsored by Gajin, including maybe all types of ships (Submarines, Iowas, Kongos, etc etc) and actual accurate guns (Type 26 aa guns, Japanese 150mm coastal guns, etc etc) or B. Square Enix, (Who now owns Edios, the peeps who made BP) to make a new BP.

    • I would fucking sell my kidney if they added ww2 subs!!! War thunder would be the only game I’d play if they did that. You can find any good playable sub games on console, they already added the modern subs but like I would die if they added diesel subs

    • Either Gaijin pulls the plug on this or they end up incorporating a half assed version of the mode filled with p2w bullshit and grind

    • @Sammy Godzilla as odd as Silent Thunder was, WWII Era U-boats would be cool, since they need to be near or on the surface to attack or move swiftly

  6. When gaijin doesn’t make new game modes so the community does it instead . . . Bravo!

  7. Everyone’s talking about the how cool the new game mode looks, but nobody’s talking about how we can finally capture the D point


  9. Get out of here, Stalker

    Finally a mode where you can say: “Attack the D point!”

  10. Attempt 5
    The Thomas challange: Tow the train to B on American desert

  11. As a mod developer for Battlestations Pacific, I find this really interesting how you are able to recreate an entire game mode from an 11-year-old game into a modern-day MMO. Very impressive on the work on Battlegroup! Hats down to you!

  12. “This game mode is to remind players that it’s not just all about the grind…”

    *Gaijin agents smile and nod while they attach their suppressors…

    • @MrMattumbo Wow. That’s a lot of pent-up feelings (which I’m totally feelin’ right now so no judge). In my humble opinion, if the Purse-holders are smart they’ll let this play out a bit and see how popular it ends up. The ultimate goal is to get people to play (yes, I know, I’m wrong it’s money but hear me out): this will appeal and attract a certain subset of players that WILL start playing more OR who gave up and this little idea sparked their interests again to come back. Those that enjoy this type of “campaign map”-style play may decide they have “found a home” and WILL begin paying at some point (yes, there’s other variables that will effect this, i.e. Community). If the “Holder of the Gold that Pays the Mighty Devs to Do Their Job” decides to invest a little effort and make these type of “campaign maps” a thing (by adding additional modding/tool functionality that directly support this type of creative mission making, therefore making it more attractive to the Creatives), it might just pay off for them in the long run. ps I spent too long replying to this, have a good life!

    • @goreignak Oh I agree, I just had to meme a bit. I haven’t played WT for over a year but a gamemode like this might bring me back. But Gaiijin acts like they really think the way people meme about them so who knows if they’d actually do the rational thing, maybe Boris really does need a new summer home?

    • @MrMattumbo isn’t his name Anton Yudintsev though, and not Boris? (Yes, there truly is a real greedy fuck we can blame for this cluster fuck of a game; besides ourselves that is)

    • Patchouli Knowledge

      @MrMattumbo “sshhhhhh no witnessess”

    • nah they use pillows. They cant afford suppressors comrade.

  13. After the D point capture:

    The mission…the nightmares…they’re…finally…over….

  14. This is how War Thunder’s Naval should be.

  15. Gaijin, please take note of this and implement this as the go-to gamemode: sincerely a naval player

  16. Wait a minute, this doesn’t look Almost Fun. This looks ACTUALLY fun. Can’t be War Thunder…

  17. War thunder youtubers:”Fun!”
    Gaijin:”You are accused of treason and anti-Soviet behavior. The court finds you guilty and sentences you to be shot.”

  18. & the B5N2

  19. Battlestations Pacific / Midway

    Square Enix, Inc: Just Wait For 2021

  20. That You'dliketoknow

    Google Playstores free eagle app, code for 100 eagles: pha7w

    Just a low amount. It’s a marketing app with offers to receive eagles for trying out games and so forth. Decent, rate it 3.5/5. nothing great but at least preferable over nothing for freetoplayers. All i wanted to say thank you.

  21. That You'dliketoknow

    Mode looks very good tho, i’d play. I hope gaijin pays you for the work some day!

  22. Is it only a single map or many maps?

  23. @Rahadyan4869 This. The B5N series were my favorite WWII planes growing up. It was sad to see Gaijin basically throw them away, but with this they have been given purpose!

  24. @KindaFreeXP exactly, i used the B5N most often in ship RB, and it’s oxygen torps can nuke ships instantly, you can get close when you fly low & it’s surprisingly maneuverable in 10m alt

  25. Kamcsatkai Arábiusz Jenő

    This looks great fun!

  26. You said something about this mode having AB models, but can we expect this mode in RB edition?

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