Be a Brave Captain: The Thrilling New Update to World of Warships: Legends!

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Captains, the new update is here!

Read the Patchnotes:




  1. StickMasterCaleb 32

    Not 1! Not 2!! BUT 3!!! American Premiums Pumped Out All at ONCE!!

  2. Wow I’m excited for this

  3. Temos begged for San Diego and now he’s arrived

  4. Nice update!

    But for the love of everything, start releasing some actual historic skins. It’s ridiculous how many years I’ve waited for some of these. How long are you gonna sit and incubate on them? If you wanna give something back to long time players, for the love history, release some of these historic skins. Make missions or something for each ship. Like accumulate a certain amount of XP for example, or win a large number of battles. Anything like that. But don’t put them behind a paywall.

    • Now you know it’s all about money.

    • Give something back to long time players? They couldn’t even be bothered to refund the price difference on the missouri for those players, they definitely don’t care about how long you have supported the game.

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      For real they taking forever to release new historical skins it’s Alonso like they forgot

  5. 17,500 steel for the Missouri is a slap in the face to your oldest and most loyal customers and many bought it when there was literally nothing else to buy.

  6. FloatingOnAZephyr

    Thank goodness you can turn off the appearance of other players’ holiday special skins. That Statue of Liberty figurehead one is like a parody.

    • You’re right but I wish they would just keep it original as possible

    • FloatingOnAZephyr

      @franklin young I 100% agree. It feels like this game doesn’t understand its core audience at times. None of my friends will play WoWs with me because they aren’t interested in naval combat and find it slow. They will never get Fortnite kids to play WoWs. Their audience is WWII history enthusiasts, people who love the ship models, strategy game players who enjoy the tactics etc. They’d be better off leaning into that IMO.

  7. San Diego available in only random bundles is criminal

  8. I just want the Missouri but it’s gonna take another 5 years to get it. 🤦

  9. San Diego is a Tier 7 and placed on a paywall at best… great.

    As for the Missouri… not even close to 30k now reduced to 17,500 Steel… whatever happened to the Colbert? That thing is as horrible as it can get in PvP matches… think it was for 3k Steel last time i remember.

    Regardless… San Diego… prefer buying it out right than random stuff on a box

    • Colbert was also a bureau project. So on top of the steel was a 1 or 2 month wait.

    • I don’t know what you mean Colbert is terrible. You play her like a Light cruisers as she was classed, use islands and her maneuverability to avoid being killed and you’ll be fine. I don’t think you are playing her as a cruiser if you’re saying she’s terrible

  10. Demosthenes Tserikis

    New VOICELINES and Friesland still doesn’t speak Dutch. Wtf?!

  11. Ayaka_Rei Stellar

    So uh .. Any news when Azure lane gonna get a rerun?😅

  12. Holy Shit, I asked for a Popeye Collaboration & WG actually got it done. Hell Yeah WG. Thanks Hearst Communications.

  13. YoJimBoHugabaJoe shaw

    lol popeye is not a crossover i was expecting,shame there no olive oyl guise as well

  14. Only 40 people max per fleet wow nice mive war gaming

  15. Funny thing is popeye was actually based on a Royal Navy sailor on hms Rodney

  16. Wallet: Leave me alone!
    Akira(You): “Ding” More ships

  17. Arknights High Command

    Oh wow I got Salem right. She’s the new addition to the Forge.

  18. RedEyed-Rex Gaming

    Heck ya looks great👍🥇

  19. Look at the balance changes WG gest sank half of Italy well it’s been 6 months since I’ve played French

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