Béarn 6 Kills & 137k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Béarn 6 Kills & 137k Damage
✅ Link to Replay: https://mecareplays.com/replay/790 ✅
About the Warship: French Tier VI Aircraft Carrier

-Map: Ring
-Mode: Random Battle
-Player: Rumple010 (NA)
-Kills: 6 Ships
-Players of my team: Rumple010, Angry_Platypus, scotter97, JayR87, cypherkk, stellar_Ric_425, cuervoviejo, SuperiorNuisance27, Blood_Capt, YarksVK, ECstacy22, Lucini_Marcelo
-Players of the enemy team: Psyko_BaerTTV, oldskool98, lo1_2016, crestfallenwarrior, LINUX8, Uzzah, Richard_CQ, bonfakieffer, Gentlemoth, Redwingnut_19, devildog1427, JBAntunes
-Damage caused: 137439
-Version: 0.11.7
-Achievements earned: First Blood, Kraken Unleashed!, Confederate, High Caliber

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  1. My favorite ships battleships Montana and battleships yamato

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