Beautiful MM of a prosperous game – World of Warships

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Millions of active players in a realistic and historically accurate theater of war, where thinking man action gamers duke it out against equally skilled and well trained individuals. I present to you… World of Warships low tiers.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Bro, you did it to yourself by sinking no.8 bro! You were to eager sinking ships. If they could only have sunk one more of your teammates, it could have worked. Could have waited. But then a teammate might have sunk one. That is what they call a Catch22😂

  2. So no more seal clubbing…it’s now bot clubbing???😅😅😅

  3. What. Did. I. Just. Watch? It was… so, so horrible. So horrible it was glorious. I fear that just became one of the most memorable games I have ever seen in WoW.

  4. Achievements farm, intensified.

  5. Wow – 93% bots ! Game not dying much ?

    • More like playerbase learning stuff at T7 with a bunch of players on Myoko or Zara having 30-50 battles. They don’t care, they get the invitation link that gives them bunch of rewards and free exp to jump into T5-6, grind it out by boosters they get and oops they are on T7 below 50 battles.

  6. That what I call fun in lower tiers 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. It was like watching a puppy in a pool 🙂

  8. И один в поле воин – Alone among enemies…. beautiful

  9. Wait… 6:10… there must be something wrong with this game 😉

  10. this was fun

  11. Wow I think you could have killed them all if they had a few more points 😂

  12. Even baby seals would be able to defend themselves better than those bots.

  13. Considering that you literally need to have a T5 ship to do any missions or earn daily rewards, this matchmaking is completely normal. Idk why WoWs even bothers with T1-4, there is absolutely zero incentive for the players to actually join these battles.

  14. I feel sorry for “kamomaus”, the human player on the other team. Encounters Flambass right off the bat and RIP. Second to last on a team of bots. Might have been a genuine new player, being introduced to “fun and engaging” in all its glory.
    Going to be really rough getting into this game as a new player these days.

    • Unless there were major changes, a new player with max t2/t3 won’t be allowed to play “Random” battle mode. He will hawe to farm bots in “Co-op” mode before Random game is unlocked.

  15. Saw a six-minute video, thought it had to be a cap win… Nope. That nine kill game is gonna be elusive, what with the relative points leaning toward a rapid win. Better luck (than an eight kill victory) next time! =^[.]^=

  16. testing new line ships have ended w/ 10 kills, low tiers

  17. Whenever I get really frustrated with higher tiers I return to T-2 and play my V-25. It might be considered “seal clubbing” but often it is 1-3 humans on each team and it really comes down to skill since there are no gimmicks to exploit. Even when I lose I have fun. And it reminds me of why I started playing the game to begin with.

  18. I just returned to the game, got into a T5 battle and around half of both teams were bots.

    It kinda soured my double devstrike, I’m just happy I can still aim.

  19. T2 how long was the waiting time…. half an Hour ?

  20. Yeah and pricey too. Just had a look at what it would cost to get an Azure Lane bundle with some sexy shipfu’s, and that would be a total nope for me.
    I’m playing at T8 so far and haven’t paid a dime and I never will at these prices.

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