Beginners Guide – Live Commentary – World of Warships

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Here is what to expect when you first start playing World of Warships. I outline the basic interface and features of the game you need to know when you first play…

Here is a link to Ichasegamings You Tube Channel:


  1. I love the Intro plumb, excellant work!

  2. Crouching Hamster

    Awesome intro! This game looks great! I can’t wait to see the Iowas,
    Nelsons, and Bismarcks in action.

  3. Great video I will say keep going down the American line in time just
    imagine Plumb derping around in the Montana XD 

  4. 20:20 – Not entirely true. You can increase and decrease your speed, but
    touching your rudder (turning) controls breaks the waypoints.

    25:00 – That’s why I love carriers so much. They are so different from the
    rest of the ships without feeling like you’re artillery. It’s a lot of fun
    to play mind games with other carriers’ fighter squadrons and lead them
    into an overwhelming ambush…and watching enemy BB’s panic when they hear
    my torpedo planes and see I react to their every movement before dumping
    presents onto them :D

  5. Yep – AP is best for the most part (Carriers are defenseless and armourless
    too). HE is very similar to WoT – Unless you can consistently hit with most
    of your shots (closer ranges), HE isn’t really worth it since the enemy can
    put out fires every X seconds anyway. A sustained HE attack means they
    can’t keep it up and will take loads of damage of time (Also hitting their
    guns can disable batteries)

  6. Still playing Co-Op, Plumb? Tsk tsk tsk… You’ll never learn the true
    grief that is WoW from playing against the AI :D

  7. If I ever get this game I’ll need to learn the whole directions for ships!
    I’m confused in italian, trying to say all of this in english will be
    painful 😛
    Nice video, plumb ;)

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