Belfast – BEAST PREMIUM – 9 kill 180k damage || World of Warships

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Player: Chuwagachuchu
Map: Fault Line

User Description:

Lucky at end where beached our carrier hit the DD on cap.

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  1. better u play alone no need team with you loool

  2. 25 citadels lol.

  3. Amazing game!

  4. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    the way this guy controls the camera is nauseating

  5. most annoying camera work ever. Made me want to quit watching- so I did.

  6. Holy Moses, what a play!

  7. The way this guy pans his camera is nauseating. Also the fact he doesn’t
    prioritize his targets is almost infuriating. More luck than skill this

  8. dude, jesus christ… whats up with the constant zooming in and out and
    rotating. the mini map helps with that. its like a squirrel is playing.

  9. kill omaha…..

  10. spastic camera work

  11. There is a key called “SHIFT”

  12. great, another one of those retard scrollers

  13. Вадим Анохин

    Very good fight. It is all well and accurately done man, played almost
    perfectly and naturally such a result.

  14. have people not discovered that there’s a shift key on their keyboards?
    ffs, this scrolling gave me a headache. not so much as the enemys’ play
    though xD

  15. What a Angry camera

    press SHIFT dude! man! wtf!

  16. UK voice acting is so cringy. Such overacting, holy shit.

  17. WOW!!
    how easy he gets citadels!

  18. This camera is ridiculous. Great game, but now I’m seasick.

  19. What a total fricken spaz! Please no more videos with this moron at the
    helm. I had to stop watching because it was making me sick.

  20. There is an easy way to address the camera issue. When replaying the video,
    click on the video and look where the action is. Do not use the option to
    show what the player originally look at. This is really giving headaches to
    everybody. This player is particularly frantic.

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