Benham + Halsey + double strike = 5,3km detection =) World of Warships

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  1. Oh boy 5.3 detection in a ship like that! Dirty
    Too bad it’s not often you get double strikes

  2. World of warships preview to reduce the dispersion of the graf spee shells or no because the ship troll me when i shoot in a cruiser ok his side

  3. Hit fast, hit hard and hit many times Halsey

  4. stefanos perivolaris

    so that cleveland noob didnt radar didnt hydro and gg enemy team

  5. Benham & Somers are absolutely nasty with their torpedo loadout. As one YTer stated, Shimakaze might as well be obsolete at this point.

  6. Probably the weakest replay you’ve ever shown… ohh.. a double strike. That’s all he did…

  7. I’m going to have a wet dream tonight about those 2 Clevelands at the start. I can only dream about that happening. Although I have had some great games so far in mine 🙂

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