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Testing out the new Fletcher torpedoes that WG equipped to the Benham. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Destroyer Benham Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Yeah, great team when the WIP torp dd has the only kills.

  2. Nicolas Cuvelier

    Can’t wait to see your somers impression ! 😀

  3. FPS above 75…FPS unlock incoming?

  4. Nice game play, but too bad WG will nerf it to the ground before its release to the public.

  5. Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

    With torpedo power like these, why even play IJN DDs?

    • Laughs in Harugumo

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +Roddy229X I find the Harugumo rather underwhelming to be honest. Sure, extreme firepower but also huge, clumsy, very strong torps that reload very slowly, eats full pens from battleships, no heal or hydro to compensate. I don’t know, i think it’s at least overrated because people are easily impressed by the insane guns. But a dd needs more than guns to be good. I don’t mean to suggest it’s bad but not as good as people think it is.

    • +Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας, go CL build on it, ur done xD

    • +Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας play it like a cruiser lol

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      +sonicruled 1111 Dude thanks for the advice, i know how to play the Harugumo and i am good at it, all i wanted to say is that it’s not as OP as people think it is. It has it’s weaknesses. It’s not fast enough, it’s not agile enough and it doesn’t have a heal to be played as a cruiser like the soviet gunsboats do.

  6. Notser…. I think the reason you feel that you AA is not good enough is due to you pointing the side of the ship that is on the opposite side of the AA area you just set up… Of course it feels like it has bad AA, the AA you are shooting with is only 50%…

    • +Rimu Rune Yeah sure

    • +Yubal Sato Hey~ I’m playing Z and Shima for the most part of this “CV IS OP OMFG” phase of the game and I’m doing fine. Maybe some/most people don’t understand AA yet if any sailing in a group and rely on the cruisers AA that know what they are doing. 😀

    • +Rimu Rune well if you’re fine with Z and shima’s AA then Im sure you’d be fine with Benhan’s.good luck?

    • +Rimu RuneMost dont even switch sectors I play every class Im not very good in DD .. In a CV a DD that knows what he is doing is not worth the effort of trying to kill them there are plenty other targets. The ones who play badly sure they get wrecked but then thats because CV is OP previously Radar was OP but they have something else to moan about now.

    • General Cartman Lee

      He could use defensive AA instead of speed boost, then he at least does not have to worry about tier 8 CVs. I recently shot down 45 tier 8 planes with the Sims. And Sims has very similar AA, she only has two 20mm cannons the Benham does not have.

  7. rip shimakaze 2015-2019

  8. John Luigi Limaco

    0 view’s 68 likes youtube is drunk again

  9. When you announced your spoiler, I was hoping you’d rack up 11 kills

  10. It was Shoukaku not Midway

  11. Mirko Mihovilovic

    16 torps with smoke is a laugh in the face of IJN dds

  12. Unfortunately the current CV meta has ruined dd play. The planes, especially the tier ten planes are op.

  13. People from England say Yamata and people from USA say Yamaro XD

  14. Lol I was the Shokaku in this game :^)

  15. TA 8.7 torps would be dangerous. Why even play f3 shima now?

  16. Shiratsuyu: wth! You take away my reload booster as extra consumable yet you introduce this benham into the game. WG logic.
    This is like laugh in the face to every IJN DD that have to give up smoke for torp reload.

  17. Nice ‘Playing Attention’ video. Questionable team though.

  18. Needs to renamed to Oprah, “you get a torpedo, you get a torpedo everyone get a torpedo

  19. WGing trying to offer torp DD’s for US players as they already offered Gun DD’s to IJN players, they seem to have trouble making up their minds, who does what 🙂

  20. You’re the only player that sunk any enemy ships. You definitely did your part.

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