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Sharing my thoughts on the Benham, a new 9 Premium American DD that has a very formidable system. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

IX American Destroyer Benham Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. So far just fuel tokens. You know that! Lol

  2. Are you hoping that they would split the American BB’s? Tell me more about this Ohio

  3. Fyi. The real Benham earned 5 battle stars, had her now blown off by a single long lance torpedo during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and was scuttled by the USS Gwin.

    • Is WG planning to expand the US DD tree, or just make a bunch of premiums? As far as I can see, a few of these DD classes could be used to make a split in the US DD tech tree.

  4. Releasing such a good torp boat for the US is just *another* middle finger to the IJN

  5. In other words it’s a better version of the IJN DDs back at launch.
    And of course it’s premium.
    This game is so transparent in its approach, lol.

  6. Another nail in Shimakaze’s coffin. The power creep is real.

    • @The Don They are my go-to on the Shima. Once you get used to them you can completely hose people. I’ll never run the 12s again.

    • @MCP2002 I just hope you’re on the red team and not mine. F3s are WAYYYYY too situational to be effective. In some games then for sure they’ll work. In most games they won’t.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      If F3s are so impossible to use, then why are my Yukikaze stats Unicum when I’m barely an above average player? You just need to get past your thinking that the range is something that matters more than alpha damage and torpedo speed

    • @BlitzTaifun / DragonScales Because most players aren’t very good. At tier X, when everyone is very aware of the danger a Shimakaze poses to their team, having to get within 8km of radar cruisers is not preferable. The 12km torps are a more universally useful option.

    • @BlitzTaifun / DragonScales F3’s are still easier to dodge than these Benham/Fletcher torps. Reaction time is longer. Shima reloads every 2 minutes instead of 70 seconds. Alpha is higher but not like… twice as high. IJN torps are shit.

  7. While I enjoy seeing a powerful American torpedo ship, this makes me really sad that the Japanese line is such a joke compared to this ship.

  8. who is in charge of balancing the game? the reason they nerfed IJN torps in the first place was because they dealt too much damage….ok so how many do you hit with those torps?? and not to mention your guns are completely useless in a brawl (i know they have high alpha but in a brawl you need high dpm). they say German BBs dont need buff because of their “good armor” and yet they end up getting HE spammed into oblivion. and boy o boy do i get pissed when WG says “historical accuracy” . THE TYPE 93 WAS THE MOST STEALTHY TORPEDO OF WW2 AND YET THEY HAVE THE WORST DETECTION IN GAME.

  9. “Don’t wish that evil on me Ricky Bobby” ?

  10. Man all these torpedo boats I cant help but feel the shimakaze I grinded for is just being shit on by power creep thanks wargaming

  11. Fuel tokens are crazy hard to earn.
    You have to grind an insane number of savage battles.

    Also, you need 48 of 50 daily chain missions(these are the Basexp and win dailies) … Meaning you can only miss 2 daily chains, or 1 day, or forfeit 100 tokens.

    You can earn 850 by events, daily chains etc, daily log in bonus etc.

    The other way to gain tokens is if you buy the hill. a mission that gives 3 tokens per day for single battle in the hill each day.. I believe 3 are gone now. So 69 remain to be collected this way… Keep in mind if you buy the hill, then earn her in savage battles, you can get 3500 dabloons for earning her.

    In addition, you can earn premium containers, 1 each for being top 5 in the hall of fame

    So… There is very very little room to miss missions to get this ship without buying premium containers for only 15 tokens per container..

    This is a terrible grind for a ship. The worst ever from WG, but the first t9 given from such an event.
    This will be stressful for most, so i am unsure that this is the best for most players sanity.

    Good Hunting,


    • 2 days ago i might have been over 300 (i think i got everything except daily 3 tokens with Hill).Yeah, good luck continuing, it will be stressful

    • @Reichskeks we be in this together bro xD

    • Yeah :D, but i stopped playing that much, its just wasted time. Id rather work 1 or 2days to buy myself the Benham rather than “playing” 1 month

    • @Reichskeks I agree. I don’t mind savage battles, but it will take hundred s of them to complete all of the fuel token objectives.
      One map. Quick battles to be sure, but low credits, low xp, this is a recipe for burn out

    • Yeah, the fact that you get a few credits only for using “hier tier ” ships in Rogue Wave is hilarious too. Thats why I use Tier 2s and 1s

  12. an another example of shitty game balance, good work WG

  13. It’s going to be a sad day when WG finally pisses me off enough to unsub Notser Zoup and Jingles because of things out of their control. Whiskey gaming too I guess.

  14. OP it will be nerfet next patch or 2 u know that ?

  15. I guess wargaming forgot when they said that premium ships would be nich and not OP or pay to win.

  16. So it’s better than anything in the game. To acquire it we have a long grind which most players will then need to also purchase loot boxes and you don’t see that as bad for the game?

  17. (FAID HN) Nguyen Duy Quang

    why not give the shima old 20 km torps or give it torp reload consumable?

  18. Garbage event. I’m not grinding the same boring game mode for such an ugly destroyer. But I also don’t like the hide+spray-and-pray all torps playstyle of destroyers.

  19. Suddenly the overnight untested AA buff that drove CV population down makes sense .. hard to release a DD in that meta. If thats true I feel sad for the future of WOWS.

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