Benson With Fully Upgraded Torpedoes (World of Warships: Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Not a bad video, spartan.

    Historically, US torpedoes began ww2 as downright crappy when compared with the torps of most other navies – and ESPECIALLY the Japanese. It took quite a while for them to improve.

    If using only computer targeting to shoot torpedoes, and the target is at any distance doing absolutely ANYTHING other than sail predictably in a dead straight line / steady speed, you WILL miss, Every. Single. Time. Funnily enough, despite saying how over-powered the computer targeting is, I notice you don’t seem to rely on it all the time. And I’ve been killed often enough while making attack runs on the big boys to KNOW it isn’t anywhere as easy as you say.

    • I know all classes take skill as I play all classes.

      That being said DDs are the easiest class to play with BBs a close second. Cruisers I think are the most difficult which is why they aren’t played much.

    • blackbirdmenagerie

      +Spartan Elite43 I dunno I’ve run into plenty of stupid dd players in my 2+ years playing wows and now legends, German and Russian dds are tricky to play especially at high tiers where radar and hydro are so prevalent. If you don’t know what you are doing you are going back to Port rather fast. Good dd players know when to stop shooting and or shoot from outside detection/ ambush players from around islands with torps.

  2. Japanese stealth torps are fun 😉 Still takes abit of work and set up to pull off and if you make a mistake then you tend to end up back in port pretty quick.

    • Don’t i know it lol, got upgraded guns on Fubuki, which has good guns i feel. which can stealth torp but stock wasn’t fun as i couldn’t stealth torp.

  3. Aim for the super structure on battle ships w/ DD guns. The American dds AP does better damage unless their repair is on CD. 6km- is a good distance to attempt scoring (multiple citadel salvos) on cruisers. Tbh you don’t want to be that close. You will most likely lose a lot of hp even if you get the kill. HE is the way to go 75% of the time. Forcing repairs allows permanent fires/floods, every one your team will benefit.

  4. Also if you have HE loaded in your BB shoot the dd with one turret every 10 sec or so. You can break their engine or torpedoes multiple times then gain distance.

  5. Is this type of ship equivalent to a light/medium tank in wot?

    • Robin van der Meulen

      I dont know dude..but if a light tank can fire torps and smoke to get away..then yea sure?? but seriously..the destroyers are fast&nimble and have good fire rate (unless ur in a jpn dd) but they have weak armor. So i assume light tanks would be the equivalent of a DD

    • I’d say it’s equivalent to a Light Tank

      Destroyer – Light Tank
      Cruiser – Medium Tank
      Battleship – Heavy Tank
      Carriers – Artillery

      Same principle apply. Light loses to Medium but beats a Heavy. Medium has pace usually to keep up with Lights etc. Artillery generally has no weakness except when spotted and other Artillery. Artillery also beats a Heavy Tank. Unlike WOT + Arty, You can’t defend against Arty but you can defend against Carriers if you shoot enough of them down.

    • Yes it is basically a light tank

  6. Such good content you deserve way more subs than you currently have. I’d love to have a game or 2 with you my gt is DAZPAZ

  7. The biggest threat to DDs are, ironically, other destroyers. One of the greatest strengths of DDs is being able to choose your battles thanks to low detectability; However, enemy DDs often appear without warning and tend to favor the player who reacts more quickly and/or is in a better position upon detection. I’ve gotten pretty good at winning these type of engagements when they are 1-on-1. Unfortunately, if your teammates don’t support you then the other nearby enemies will usually finish you off, turning a well-earned victory into a mere trade. All in all, destroyers REALLY need balancing on console; I’ve had matches where more than half of the players in a match were in DDs (it was ridiculous) and I felt so bad for those poor BB captains (I at least try to spot targets/enemy torps for them whenever possible); This, combined with a lack of carriers and smaller map size makes for a real crapshoot (Read: clusterf*ck).

  8. Robin van der Meulen

    Dude! Why do u worry so much about giving us some good games?!? U offer us some fun content with actually helpfull commentary..You should not worry so much becuz ur vids are fun, even if u screw some games up? keep up the good work! Hope we have crossplay in the future..would be awesome

    • Thank you! I always try to offer videos I would enjoy watching. So I try to get good games and then commentate them to make them even more interesting

  9. Berlin Barrymore

    Lol! I played a game with you and let’s just say, I think I witnessed the last game in your Iowa because of how mad you got at the enemy jervis DD when he was super close to you and sent a wall of skill at you. I hope you still enjoy the game! Bc i would like to continue watching your videos!!

  10. Trick in a Battleship is to try and shoot the Destroyer before it gets that close (I’ve tunnelvisioned a few times too). In one of my New Mexico Videos, i knew Destroyers area but didn’t know where he was so i counted to 7 in one direction then change direction. Doesn’t work all the time but allowed me to Survive (Yup i know i’m using the wrong ammo). (Around 9:15 ish)

    • I had a jervis take 2 salvos of 406mm HE from my Iowas front turrets so that is 12 16inch HE rounds and survive to torp me point blank because there is no minimum arming distance on console
      Destroyers do not fear Battleships so there is as problem. A squishy target like a destroyer should never get within 4km of a battleship and live to tell the tale

    • True although their is an arming distance in Console as i dropped torps less than a 1 km and didn’t do anything. In mine i knew i should fire HE but usually i stick to AP as Normally i fail to Kill the Destroyer with HE too.

  11. Destroyers have an easy time when the cruisers are not doing their jobs
    I was playing an Atlanta and escorting Battleships. I thought the party would be boring
    Guess what
    l got detected and no ships on the horizon. I switched my radar and found a destroyer tailing us.
    He tried an attack run and payed for it.
    I finished the game with two kills
    I hope they will introduce subs

    • What you said is key. I love Spartan’s vids, but this vid is a strawman argument to the ease of torps. Their cruiser pilots were clearly not so good. Evidenced by the Icarus able to just chill out in the open and Spartan sailing around with impunity. Cruiser’s job is to kill destroyers if they aren’t doing it then the destroyers reign torps on everyone. It is ruff to come around a corner and there is an unavoidable holy wall of torps. This seems to be the exception not the rule. At least in my game play.

    • To my knowledge subs aren’t going to be a thing

  12. First of all, I realize that your comments about torps being “no skill” are kinda meant to trigger people….

    Second, how many games did you play in the M55?

    Third… I don’t have a ton of games in WoWs yet, but I’ve had plenty of frustrating games in destroyers. I’ve had games where I was the first one spotted and had 2 enemy cruisers show up within 3 km and instantly delete me… I’ve also had games where I chase a British battleship around the whole match and watch him dodge my fish over and over again! I’m still learning, I’m on the tier 4 Japanese destroyer, but my great games are probably 2 or of 10 at the moment.


  13. DD take lots of skill to use. Stay undetected a full game while staying in striking range and gather 150,000+ damage. My opinion is japan DD are the best. Guns suck on them, but I rarely use them. There torps and invisibility are the there strength. Get skilled in that and racking up damage is a breeze. No skill in that and you sink.

    • Japanese get the early torp advantage but the guns early are sadness.

      Now that I have decent torps on the benson. I may be using it more often

  14. The counter of destroyers are cruisers and not battleships(most of the time) I think that cruisers (especially high tiers) arent played to their full potential yet and thats why they arent played that often. And thats why destroyers usually get a lot of working room to play with their spicy fish, I myself play the mogami(tier 7 jap cruiser) and love playing it. Its the ship where I got the 150K dmg and the 5 kill challenge with. You just need to understand that the only thing you have over BB are youre fast moving and reloading guns and above all your smaller detection range and manueverability(and sometimes Some nice fish) just use those to their maximum potential and u wil be loved by your DD’s and BB’s because you’ll do the work which they cannot do

    • Cruisers are very under used at the moment. We will see if that starts to change.

    • Spartan Elite43 yeah but not underpowered in my opinion you just need to Dodge everything that comes at you. battleships get very enoyed by that and will simply start aiming at an easier target(most of the time BB) and then you shoot m up with Some nice fire on the deck and it takes a minut but then they simply arent there anymore:)

  15. I want the air craft carrier

  16. Don’t call teammates dumb when it’s your fault for running into him

    • Lol I wouldn’t have run into him the first time if he’d have stayed where he was. Then he ran into me multiple times before the final try and flat out ramming me as I got past him.

      So yeah…..

    • So he’s just supposed to sit there so you can go by when you obviously should have went any other way than the one you did

    • Spartan Elite43

      Why Not he had sat there that long what is another few seconds?

  17. Destroyers require way more skill and planning than battleships, easily. As a battleship captain you have to stay aware that they’re out there and never drive in a straight line at the same speed.

  18. Icarus is the best DD in battle ?

  19. Wish the upgrade torps show that it increased distance. Didn’t add them right away cause based on the upgrade screen, they suck. Slower, less damage. Be nice to have know all the stats on them

    • Spartan Elite43

      Yeah there has been a lot of complaints about it and I imagine it will be looked into. That is very useful info to have.

  20. I have gotten 103,484 damage in a Clemson

    • Spartan Elite43

      Very Nice think the best i did in the clemson as in my Torpedo Quick Guide. I think it as 75k or so

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