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• Credits
Electro – Swing || Jamie Berry Ft.


  1. More please

  2. Whr can i download tis game?

  3. just downloaded it

  4. I love this video

  5. your awesome

  6. Josh is like LETS GO TO POINT C and everyone else is like nope!

  7. I suggest you to use montana ship

  8. I suggest you to use montana ship

  9. MOAR!!!

  10. I want to play

  11. dad not battleship dat north hampton class cruiser

  12. no world of wanks ‘WOT’ is better lol more peps play

  13. Can u play more

  14. I’m already half way downoling the game so happy and worried that ill lose
    a lot

  15. play some more

  16. Do more plzz

  17. Sergio González Torres

    Please play this game again, or try WOT

  18. Sondre Wiig Sperstad

    Play world of tanks pls

  19. MLG brou

  20. Try Space Engineers
    minecraft/scrap mechanic in Space!

  21. The pixelated gamer

    Can u make series like if agree

  22. world of tanks

  23. you should play war of thunder is really cool

  24. world of tanks play world of tanks its better

  25. more more more

  26. the code aint working

  27. the code aint working

  28. Love his vids he is awesome

  29. Play warthunder pleas

  30. finaly world of warships . I am a beast at this

  31. yo wtf dude i killed me in this game xD

  32. tumbnail??

  33. tanks

  34. gametutorialsbomb anddaydreamz

    Josh did

  35. gametutorialsbomb anddaydreamz

    He destroyed me

  36. Steevann G. DE PEDRO Jr.


  37. More

  38. Hải Trí Bùi Nguyễn

    i loved it 🙂 . it so good

  39. DUDE! Slog my buddy although you’re not, haha! Can u add me in the game
    World Of Warships if u are playing alone, I would like to have one battle
    with a you. My name for the world of warships is already above my comment,

  40. the crew

  41. Why don’t you guy play world of tank

  42. Josh hitman PLZ

  43. hey!!!!

  44. do more tis

  45. JOSH did you know I was the one that crashed into u

  46. slogoman play “world of tanks” wih kwebellkop and jelly

  47. not disliking anyone i like everyone

  48. can you play world of tanks

  49. try out war thunder D:

  50. You know the best game to play with a squad!!!? No. Its WAR THUNDER! Please
    consider playing it Joshy Boy!

  51. How are you guys talking with each other? TeamSpeak?

  52. I have the slowest wifi in the world

  53. You guys should play world of tanks

  54. play this again

  55. U r cool

  56. good job

  57. hi slog men

  58. use AP josh

  59. more warships!

  60. when Josh said he hit my tip I was done

  61. The Mighty Jingles would approve of you n00bs, lol

  62. Try World of tanks

  63. Hi josh please respond

  64. This was funny please do more

  65. Josh play halo 5

  66. if you got android play modern warplanes

  67. Oh god why why world of warships… So many facepalms incoming

  68. What is your name in game I’d like to add u to contacts for game play

  69. play more please

  70. I want more more!!!!

  71. this game looks fun but only with a squad

  72. I know that Slogoman probably won’t see this, but you guys should try

  73. Pls play world of tanks

  74. your the best youtuber in history. they should make a game about you

  75. 2,999th liker

  76. play more black ops 3

  77. Noe Gaijin has got to make you play War Thunder for 10000$

  78. I love your vids ?????

  79. i downloaded this game and wanted to use the code and it didn’t work. Did
    you think it would be funny to give non working codes to your subs huh??? I
    want to know why it isn’t working now!

  80. do more

  81. PLAY WORLD OF TANKS!!!!!!!

  82. Play more plz

  83. procowies procowies


  84. world of tanks is better

  85. q and a you and Jordi have a dance battle

  86. make a serieies

  87. Hey Slogoman try War Thunder, its a free MMO (Pc, Mac, Linux and Ps4) game
    as well!

  88. He didn’t say it was sponsored

  89. Did anyone notice at 11:45 they were japs

  90. Hi

  91. yea mighty jingles

  92. so cool game

  93. Please continue this game

  94. pls do more

  95. play cs go

  96. Wow look at those graphics

  97. If you are playing games like this go play war thunder. It has tanks,
    planes, and soon boats.

  98. Please Play Warthunder!

  99. do more videos of world of ships

  100. Please Play Warthunder!

  101. next play warthunder boats when it comes out!

  102. Did you guys buy boats because it takes forever to get good boats

  103. I should have made a video on this

  104. also when u fire give the shots some lead so the ship runs into the shellls

  105. I just wich just cause 4 jordi and joshand jelly the play on it

  106. Yeah jingles FTW also play World Of Tanks

  107. the Japanese ship suicide crashed into joshes american ship hmmm World War
    II much

  108. very cool game

  109. GamendeMonkey Cremers

    how did you get that ship I am plating so long and I even have that ship

  110. I play the game i would love to play with you guys

  111. press shift to zoom in

  112. StarringTheNoob WoTB

    Im a world of tanks esports gamer, and these guys just made me experience
    noobism first hand.

  113. And more gta 5 minigames (:(:(:

  114. And more Dead by dayligt (:(:(:

  115. More scrap mechanic with Jordi and Jelly (:(:(:

  116. Good video Josh (:(:(:

  117. Yea world of tanks

  118. Is not free in I pad

  119. War Thunder will be a mixture of everything when boats come out on it
    (soon). I would highly recommend you play that as it is much better.


    Hey Jelly told us about this!!!!

  121. its for pc only ?

  122. Nolan Schettenhelm

    So is this an online game with other players or just NPCs

  123. yes both

  124. Tip : with battleships use AP shells its way more effective

  125. I tryde to make a world of warships account but it what’s to make sure I’m
    not a robot witch I’m not.I have to t tipe what I see and it won’t let me
    past it

  126. josh can you play world of tanks plz

  127. Play war Thunder

  128. Christian Ramirez Marquez

    Do more

  129. #Slogoman

  130. How are you at tier 10 but can’t shoot?

  131. @Slogoman My gamer tag is A7X_iron on WOW. I could teach you some things on
    that game. Please join a game with me


  133. world of Tanks next?

  134. play world of tanks

  135. Thewonders ofSEBO

    yes it finally happened

  136. Josh : Sorry if I hit someone
    Jelly : that will be funny ?
    *Jelly crashing into josh*
    Jelly : U broke my engine
    Me : Dafuq? ??

  137. The 2 nd ship is the uss Montana us strongest warship in real lfe

  138. Nathan Fitzsimmons

    The Mighty Jingles is a BOSS at this game

  139. You could do the game mode as creative

  140. I like ultimate chicken horse

  141. I don’t like this game

  142. More of this game!

  143. but not in a weird way

  144. Josh I love u in bed ;)

  145. Sathishkumar Nadigatla

    please play robocraft
    your videos awesome i watch them everyday

  146. Find Quickybaby and MightyJingles at Gamescon

  147. Keep on

  148. Josh do more of this

  149. You should play world of tanks

  150. If you are going to play World of Warships, you need to play World Of Tanks

  151. Start Word of tanks series :D

  152. do world of tanks

  153. ProfineDoesStuff :/


  154. NISE

  155. more

  156. I loved it do this game more!!!

  157. i was waiting for this from jelly said that will happen

  158. play tabs terhere is a new update

  159. play World of tanks


  161. Slogoman, I’m not sure if you have a girlfriend, but if you don’t, get one.
    Because I wanna see a GTA V Last Team Standing match with the girlfriends
    of JoblessGarrett, Kwebbelkop, and Jelly with you guys coaching them how to
    kill each other. If “Error 404: No girlfriend found,” see if your sis is up
    to it.

  162. Like = Kiss your dream girl ❤️
    Ignore = 30 years of bad luck ?


  163. Wold of Tank is so math better can you gays play it plz

  164. Hello jelly

  165. kapiicefruit kapiicefruit


  166. The lonley spinosaurus spike

    Play war thunder

  167. Help Me Reach 1,000 subs without any videos!

    hope your having a good day, subscribe for no reason?

  168. XMultipliedByX - GTA 5, Black Ops 1 And More !



    Ap shells do more damage in that game btw.

  170. Does anyone else think josh is running out of ideas

  171. i love this game so hard pls make more videos

  172. Cheeseymanpie Jr.

    World of tanks?pls

  173. awesome slogaman

  174. Do you wanna do also world of tanks? Should be awesome

  175. Xx_ShpaceKitteh_xX

    #LETSGOTEAMMYSTIC And maybe the other teams are cool too

  176. Hello josh

  177. Can You Play just caus3?

  178. Will they ever put this on xbox

  179. I had a weird dream last night that I met you guys ? too bad it may never
    happen because I live in north America lol


    You should play world of tanks

  181. Japan has a lot more protection than America

  182. you should play tanki online, its a really cool game and I could let you
    use alt. acc

  183. Very nice

  184. TheMinecraftStick Gaming

    1 more plz

  185. play dead by daylight pls?

  186. Barack Obama (ThatGuyDoesStuff)


  187. download world of warplans

  188. more

  189. 9:40 Because you mainly use APs when you play as a battleship, you
    should’ve knew that when owning a tier 10 for fucks sake..

  190. me while watching video

  191. add me on snapchat

  192. Đά ᗪᗴᔕŤяσуᗴᖇ -DA DESTROYER

    If you subscribe to me I’ll subscribe to you with three accounts!!!! 🙂 I

  193. play war thunder

  194. josh do hide and seek in bo3 new maps

  195. yeahhh play wot (world of tanks)

  196. The code didn’t work

  197. Iain van Gardingen

    No camo used on Balti or Zao and HE only in Monty? Oh dear.

  198. kanoe Fernandez Dias

    war thunder pls

  199. they should play tank blitz

  200. play world of tanks plssss

  201. Play world of tanks, it’s better

  202. siddharth kulkarni

    waiting for u guys to do this…..

  203. Dude play war thunder ]plz

  204. He should go to the world of warships/tanks stand at gamescon

  205. Ok this is the most liked gameplay video I have ever seen!!!!

  206. Josh play sneak-thief

  207. You know nothing about warships, don’t you Slogoman?

  208. That resolution though

  209. Titanic

  210. Vincent Van Staveren


  211. play WOT too! (World of tank)

  212. is that in steam

  213. I love this game :D

  214. Try world of tanks ios game so awsome

  215. I love this game

  216. U shoudl play world of tanks

  217. hello

  218. play wold of tanks

  219. Start plating world of tanks

  220. Hey have you tried world of tanks

  221. Dear Slogoman, I love how you and the crew are playing this game! I too
    play this, and I really enjoy watching you all. I have a few suggestions,
    like maybe the basics of using a mini map, and what ships are used for
    what. That would mean a to for me! Thanks!

  222. Josh play Hitman: Bangkok

  223. jelly says that you will maybe make a series of world of tanks too and i
    think this is gonna be AWESOME!

  224. jooossshhhh playing my second fav game

  225. do more world of worships

  226. the anonymous hunter

    do more of these vicheals

  227. the anonymous hunter

    do more of these vicheals

  228. More world of warship

  229. I have that but it isn’t as great a it looks

  230. ???????

  231. Wargaming should get them to play World Of Warplanes

  232. Do the smoothie challenge

  233. slogoman u should play war thunder

  234. at 6:08 it looks like he’s drifting in slow motion

  235. Moreeeee

  236. Do more of these videos!

  237. 1000 viewer!

  238. This is a comment

  239. slogoman you are awesome


  241. go pp0

  242. Slogoman did you not get a thumnail on this video

  243. TheGamingGrape THG

    100th comment ?

  244. great video

  245. keep playing it

  246. i played this game its so funnnn

  247. your a beast

  248. 102th

  249. plz keep playing slogoman

  250. hey josh , love your videos , keep it up man

  251. CAN YOU DO a live battle so we can play with you

  252. so early

  253. do ultimate chicken horse

  254. play ark

  255. C’mon give him mote subs

  256. play the tirpits

  257. This video got 1k views in 5 mins. Man

  258. Yessss

  259. Cnc7543 Cs:go and more


  260. later you will add a picture to the little frame how do
    You do that????????????

  261. Pls use AP shells on battleships so that you can get good dmg angainst

  262. If your reading this your the best

  263. the best

  264. this game is very nice but not made for letsplays

  265. how much is it on steam

  266. um I didn’t know the crew was with you

  267. hey slogoman hows your day??

  268. awsome video

  269. FINNALY WORLD OF SOMETHING, early squad?

  270. To whoever’s reading this:

  271. nice

  272. Slogoman you should do a draw my life for your next video


  274. Jan Ipad van Munster van Heuven


  275. nice shot slogoman

  276. Slogoman I LOVE YOU

  277. nice

  278. Who else is wathing without socks on.

  279. Infinite Gaming #*70A4Q%20

    please subscibe and i will subscribe you back write done when subscribed i
    will never remove my subscribe

  280. Am I early enough for a shoutout

  281. Hi guy

  282. awesome

  283. 32nd

  284. Hi boy

  285. I’m 32nf

  286. i used to play this

  287. I played that game too 😀
    I am at tier 4

  288. 50th like

  289. Dale Vincent Bautista


  290. I have no idea

  291. Cool vid

  292. Septiplier Fangirl


  293. HeeLLŪ

  294. 47 th

  295. 10th I know that nobody cares

  296. Muhammad alif Iman


  297. DemonZyphon {The Demon Lord}

    I am early how are you +Slogoman

  298. I love him but he reminds me of sid from ice age. ?

  299. Heyy

  300. 13 like

  301. kinda weird sometimes

    so.. where’s the product placement button?

  302. I really like this video

  303. Josh pugmaster128

    Hello slug

  304. 2 comment

  305. 1st u watched it at 14 second

  306. 1st

  307. Vincent van Heukelom


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