Best Battleship That NO ONE Plays Anymore in World of Warships Legends

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Alabama is the original Global XP battleship in World of Warships Legends, having been around since 2019. Hundreds of ships have come to the game since she has been here, begging the question, is this ship still relevant and should you still buy Alabama for Global XP? Check out this battleship gameplay, and ship review to see if she is worth bringing to your port!


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  1. I absolutely love the Alabama, very slow velocity but it’s beefy, has amazing AA, Rudder shifts on a dime and is almost a DD killer as well. It’s one of my most played ships besides maybe the Saipan and Constellation

    • We have a US navy fan here huh =)

    • @@DerkaGames I had absolutely no idea what to do on WOWSL when I first started playing so I just started playing American ships, made the most sense since I’m American and knew of some of them. Got to the point where I had almost all the US ships in the vanilla tech tree and still practically ignored every other nation.

  2. Spot on review as always. I got massa vs bama due to the flexibility of it and being able to mix it up some. I don’t regret it and no need for bama unless she goes on sale

  3. No one plays? She is my favourite premium T7 BB 🙂 She is more consistent than Massa in terms of accuracy. I agree that she performs best as a middle range sniper.

  4. Saw this ship irl years ago in Mobile. Really love the Alabama but haven’t rolled her out in a while. I’ve just got so many ships that sometimes they get forgotten. Thanks for this one Derka…enjoyed watching👍

  5. We are going to be revisiting old ships more on the channel! But I’m going to let you guys pick. So down below let me know what ship you would like to seen played, reviewed, and featured in a video. The most votes win 👍

  6. Since I prefer mid to long range combat, Alabama was an easy pick over Masachusetts!

  7. My div went all in on Alabama very early on. I chose a different route, holding out for Big Mamie–which we KNEW was coming, but just not when. Alabama was a helluva ship that first year and I did pick her up later, but div got a lot of use out of her from the getgo. A formidable ship, even to this day. I’ve been using her quite a bit of late, mostly due to her consistent performance.

    • Smart move lol interesting to hear so many Bama players coming out of the wood work! I rarely see this thing out. I see Massachusetts about every other game

  8. @aproudbaguette3605

    Instantly knew what ship you were gonna play when i saw the title xD “the other South Dakota” is a great ship and a really nice sniper that can also do everything else (unlike Champagne and Constellation for exemple)

    And i’ll forever be biased over South Dakota class BBs wich is my favorite class, yeah even over the French ones

    • Even over the French ones!? What is this blasphemy

    • @aproudbaguette3605

      @@DerkaGames the perfect balance within that 35k tons treaty, only 200m, 9 406s, great AA, good armor, nice speed, the South Dakota got everything imo

      But yeah i still really like my Richelieu class, too bad it couldn’t really do anything during the war, cuz if it did maybe i’d change my mind 🤔

      JB is still my favorite warship though

    • @@aproudbaguette3605 I suppose most of the SDs did have a pretty impressive service record in WWII

    • @aproudbaguette3605

      @@DerkaGames yeah mostly SD herself, insane career along with Washington, too bad we don’t have both in game, would love to see a line with these wich would have a superheal, better secondaries and reload but not the selling points we know about the US BBs

      Tier 8 : Washington
      Tier 9 : South Dakota
      Tier 10 : Wisconsin

  9. Currently grinding my gxp back up for Alabama as I bought Yuudachi for gxp instead of using doubloons.

    I still see plenty of Alabamas in the wild when Im playing T6 – T7.

  10. Alabama is awesome. The armor scheme is better than Iowa, the AA I one of the best in class, and it is super consistent. The big thing with Alabama over any other American BB is the horizontal dispersion. It has the best maximum horizontal dispersion for a BB in the game. The Constellation feels better because of the BC dispersion formula.

  11. I just played a couple in her last night. Every now and again I throw her into the fight and she never disappoints.

  12. Thanks for this. I’ve got Alabama and you’re right, there are so many options, she just doesn’t come up in rotation as often. I agree with your placement as well. She is a great ship.

  13. Took the family to see her this summer. It was a fantastic tour and the USS Alabama is in beautiful condition. Very, very cool. Will do again.

  14. Still will always love my Odin although maybe Bama for the next Green XP ship might be for me…great video of OG ships sir thank you….perhaps make your next review the Odin? 🙂

  15. I love this thing. One of my favorite battleships. I really enjoy using Arthas the Cold as an inspiration for a sizable boost to an already devastatingly heavy salvo.

  16. Bama is goooood.
    I play it often, not a lot.
    I have the legendary mod on it too.
    Good times

  17. The “Mighty A,” as she’s known at the park & museum in Mobile, was my 1sr GXP grind & I still play her almost every time I log into the game. She’s my fave ship in the game, although not my most played. Probably my 2nd most played after the Arkansas (before CVs showed up 😂). & I like the looks of the SoDak class slightly better than the Iowa class; but that’s just my opinion. Great video, Derka!

  18. Alabama is still my go-to T7 US battleship. I’m a sucker for the historical ships, and Alabama is consistently good. (If I had a Missouri, though, that might replace it.)

  19. @jonathoncopeland7492

    Look at Florida. I play with Florida alot and I never see that battleship in standard or AI. It’s not a bad ship to be honest. Use kondo and Swirski for concealment.

  20. great ship, love it, plays very consistent for me.

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