BEST GAME 23 – World of Warships Replays

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Aquila, San Diego, Patrie, Iwami, Queen Mary, Rooke, St. Lawrence, St. Vincent, Collingwood, Connecticut. — NEW SHIPs

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Viel Spaß beim probiern

Danke ! Thank You =)


  1. “So I see we are winning, let’s show our broadside one by one to win harder”

  2. Ein großes Glas Senph für den He1nz

  3. Der Eierkopp meinte man solle Senf in rauen Mengen da lassen ❤ Super Video

  4. Heidelbergensis2011

    Sehr schön!

  5. noice game GG 🙂

  6. Löwensenf Extrascharf! Schöne Runde. Den heal bei 05:40 optimal genutzt

  7. “That was a very lucky cit” lol no that was 2 ships sailing broadside to a st vincent at 5km

  8. Never seen 10 kills in one game. Brilliant.

  9. Panzerknacker - World of Warships - Replays

    good start for 2023 ^^

  10. How to throw a game…gg reds !

  11. Awesome game! Great game play at the end there and throughout.

  12. some people are refusing to understand that broadside from so close distance hurt a lot but its a matter of inteligence 😛

  13. Those torps! Almost 30K max damage each. No wondering she only gets 1 per side. They are nuclear tipped. Great game.

  14. That was a mammoth effort. Well done!!

  15. Animals to the slaughterhouse… But why come out of cover one at a time, broadside on, and with enough distance between you so that he can target you perfectly? Never ceases to amaze me…

  16. That was super fun! Had a bit of everything – CQ, secondaries, good team work, lots of cits, torps and an insane comeback. Probably the best replay I’ve seen

  17. Awesome game, aggressive from start to end. Well deserved solo warrior

  18. Just great, this guys is a master of good positioning and map avareness. Was so much fun to watch

  19. Just awesome. It’s funny how just 1 torp can be a very useful anti-drive-by system.

  20. The ugliest ship ever! no wonder they made it OP. Nice game! enemy team zombie team!

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