BEST GERMAN DD EVER :D World of Warships

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  1. Fantastic ship!:)

  2. Best -Battleship- DD ever

  3. The Sailing Robin

    That finisher… this was technically a draw, 473 / 473, and he saves the game with these torps on the very last second.
    Gleaming game.

  4. Well played!

    Probably my favourite ship in WoWS. Is it the best? Nope. Is it fun? Hell yes.

  5. great play from beginning to the end!

  6. It’s the best match in this channel

  7. Nice frozen yogurt cammo!

  8. Wouldn’t be a WoWs game without a full health friendly BB camping in the corner

  9. Kremlin is now mad

  10. that enemy DD at @12:30 has the worst aim ever

  11. I love that Ship ^^ I have one, best purchase ever :3

  12. literally at the last second, otherwise that would have been a draw

  13. He make win his team and he’s a very good player, but, I think he’s playing for himself … alone … Great game for him anyway !!!!!

  14. mann Alter,was ein Game,klasse!

  15. I know Scharrnhorst, but bradside Cruisers and you still shoot HE? :O Did I miss the meta?

  16. oh the shiny horse get the reference nyuhuhuhuhu

  17. Biggest DD I ever saw!!

  18. Epic win…

  19. I wish I could go Schrn like him(while failed to ram)

  20. Great gameplay but give it up to the enemy team – that was an impressive throw. Truly magnificent.

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