BEST GUNS in the game are here ?? STALINGRAD – 280K || World of Warships

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  1. And That ist The final Version, Not Just a Joke

  2. If he cant over match a Seattle angled i destroy This thing in my Dm

  3. wow this cv wanted to kill this STALINGRAD really Bad … and btw the most Amazing thing here is not the guns for me it’s the ability to tank!

  4. “cruiser” compare the size of this thing to the Montana

    • Same for cruiser Uss Alaska tho

    • The American design CA2-D “cruiser” was nearly the size of an Iowa.
      The Japanese B65 would also have been around the same size.

      And the best of all is “Cruiser” KW50 from Germany that would have been longer than Montana.

    • Battlecruiser ? yeah i know the dont call the ships so. But big Cruiser = Battlecruiser or in german Großer Kreuzer.
      Only brittish Navy called this ships Battlecruiser.

  5. come to my Hindi ( 50mm HE pen ) and I will reap you apart xD

  6. From Russia with love x2)))

  7. The guns are rubbish. Only overpens against the buffalo. They can only pen the armor when he drives broadside. And buffalo’s armor is bullshit.

  8. Stalingrad is a BIG Joke! Wtf. This joke just keep on chasing and tanking and clubbing everything. Even the CV committed a great amount of her planes but still not enough.

  9. enemy cv had no clue how to drop. THIS is the skills of today T10 CV’s…..

  10. bad wargaming, no walkies for you today!

  11. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    *Russian Bias intensifies , Maximum Vodka Blyat*

  12. Hammer wie er sich immer gegen den Flugzeugträger zur Wehr gesetzt hat.

  13. Oh such a fitting ending! Nice work dealing with that BB too.

  14. This ship is a joke look at the shell groupings lol.

  15. When you combine stalinnium steel and lazer canons you get russian bias ship.

  16. All they need now is to have Stalin or Putin as this monstracity’s captain.

  17. Bad ship, bad design and a great detriment to this game.

  18. I request wargaming remove mussashi from arsenal and make Missouri in because musshai is also available through free xp please consider my suggestion.

  19. Artiom Beknazaryan

    Stalingrad is actually good. But until it meets with Conquerer ))) she eats Stalingrads for breakfast and those british HE.

  20. Are you trying to pen me with BB rounds? I don’t care. Are you trying to HE spam me? I don’t care. Are you trying to angle against me? I don’t care. Are you trying to keep distance to avoid my fire? I don’t care. Are you a carrier? I don’t care. Are you a DD trying to sneak in close? I don’t care. Is the game balanced? I don’t care.

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