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Well look who it is, the prodigal sun returns. Long time no see old friend.

We’re back in style, only for you on this fine sunday flambaHug 🙂

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambass. Two brothers. Jean bart. No cv.. ok, I’m lighting up a spliff, and sit back, in anticipation:)

  2. You deserve a like just for that hilariously awkward “Hold my pants momma” moment 🤣

  3. gurk_the_magnificent

    Jingles: “with ripple fire if you hit with one you hit with all”
    Flambass: “hold my tea”

    Sorry bro, I don’t know what you usually imbibe 😬

  4. That chat 😀 “pls no mid rush” “you must be new here”

  5. I’m a simple man. I see Two Brothers on Flambass’s channel, I click.

  6. Regarding KOS: WG might try to avoid a situation where a EU or NA team refuses to play a Russian team…

  7. Jingles: ” This stunt is performed by a trained professional, don’t try it at home kids 😀 ”

    (did ya read it with Jingles’s voice? :D)

  8. Zsolt Huszti-Bagdi

    This QUACKEN definitely goes to the end of the next WoWs SPESHUUUL Compilation!!!!

  9. This was one of the most entertaining vids from WoWs. That poor hapless Napoli LOL

  10. One of the best Ive seen in a long time, thanks Flambass

  11. Don’t worry about the new tournaments, everything has been planned, it’s a “special marketing operation”

  12. “it came out wrong” – Flambass, after saying something inappropriate. Also Flambass after the shells leave the barrel and go in different directions

  13. I don’t know why, but my favorite map is always “Solomon Islands” it is only valid for the low tiers, but, in my opinion it is beautiful

    • I always use it for training battles, especially in the public test. I just like going in there and messing around, using a t10 battleship and putting like 6 or 7 t3 battleships on the enemy team

  14. Flambass, I want you to know that if I had the time and storage on my PC I would download WoWS only to grind towards enough resources to buy a Jean Bart, then wait for it to become available. This ship and this map are so fun to watch and I wish I could play that myself. GG my dude and thanks for this awesome video!

  15. JB on two brothers, going down the middle, Flambino having fun playing wows. What a wonderful way to start my Sunday. Thanks Flambass.

  16. ToughAncientSpark

    @10:10 The shells disperse because of barrel roll. It’s where after firing more shells than the recommended amount before replacing the gun barrel cannon.
    Shell wear causes the shells to wobble inside while traveling down the tube and then exiting with a rotation that creates uneven pressure waves on the shell. These uneven pressure waves make the shell vere in different directions.
    Replace your gun barrels and the problem will go away… or you could just stop playing World of Warships and then the problem would go away too!

  17. I did this yesterday in smolensk and drew back 6 ships and still lost hard. My team couldnt win a rigged fight
    Imagine if that Napoli was a schleifen he wouldve set 6 fires and landed 300 hits

  18. Always satisfying when there’s always a Captain Armchair in the back of the map dictating how you should play, then at the end of the match you come out on top way ahead.

  19. glad to see the old flambass enjoying the game again, thanks for doin what you do mate, cheers!

  20. Enemy in smoke and I told my teammates to aim for the gap when I fire, sure enough my shells split in 1/2 and there was a ship sized gap in the middle 🙂

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