Best moment of the day – F2P World of Warships

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What moment of the day Flambass? Oh you will know when you see it, trust me.

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Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Bad weather and sore knees.. Getting old dude. 😋
    It’s all down hill as far as aches and things go.

  2. 7:48 I fell off my chair laughing 🙂 I knew that guy in person 😀

  3. Muscle protects joints, supports joints. More gentle walking, more exercise. Less time in front of PC.

  4. I damaged a knee some time ago and wearing one of those elastic/velcro knee support things for a few hours a day really helped. Part of it was, I think, that the brace forces you to keep the knee properly aligned and avoid additional damage.

  5. i may play lights in WoT but i do so very much watching a good Flambass WoWs video!

  6. Sklerose on the patella is normal at your age. Rose hip powder capsule daily helps. Maximum intake is six daily

  7. Liking the sinking of sub-humans to taking a shit is the best WOWs related thing I’ve heard in months.

  8. 10:43 is absolutely therapeutic.

  9. did you take an arrow to the knee flambass ? 😉

  10. I always enjoy watching your game play😀

  11. That “sub griefer” moment had me ROLLIN!
    Hope your knee feels better soon man.

  12. Hey Flambass, examine how you are sitting. Sometimes you may be stressing your knee by ‘bracing’ yourself during moments of concentration while playing WoWS. You might also want to check the height of your chair when you are sitting in respect to the height of your desk and adjust both your chair and your desk.

  13. About the age I thanked my dad for not letting me play football in high school. He wouldn’t sign off, so when those strange pains started I understood why.

  14. lovely match. especially that last torpedo hit. lol.

  15. Hey Flambass, look into taking Collagen for treating knee pain. Heard good things from the doctor.

  16. Have you ever thought about somehow doing private let’s call it “playing lessons”? Basically play a couple games with people in a div to teach them more. You do it pretty well already over your videos. Be a way to make a little extra cash too

  17. Must be getting close to having a new SPESHUL!

  18. Your knee pain sounds like something I was going through. To test it, try pressing your muscles just above kneecap (with straight leg), slightly on the inner side, and push quie hard (until muscle slide to the side app 2cm) on the slight curve downwards and to the inner side (along theknee joint). If the pain skyrocketed, then you might have tender tension with possible inflammation. Go to the physiotherapist. The pain will not go by itself for months. It will reoccur.

  19. We need a soundboard in Twitch chat, and the first clip added needs to be Flambass saying, “Sub Griefer!” in that voice. Hearing that pop up every time Flamby kills a sub would be hilarious 😂

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