Best Money Making Ship! MURMANSK! – World Of Warships Gameplay

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World Of Warships gameplay featuring the soviet Murmansk, which is an amazing ship due to it’s range and its credit earning potential!

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  1. +Muyang Cheng He already did.

  2. +Fr4Ged Ah ok, just wanted to make sure Phly wasn’t that dumb. Good to know
    it’s a joke I just missed out on.

  3. +Tank 1900 Yes, it is a joke. Phly loves to make people rage about stuff
    like this.

  4. +sukositb Generally only weakly armored ships like Yubari and
    carriers…though there’s one time I citadel Myogi with Murmansk

  5. at the end he loaded the so when he got close

  6. +DJ J0SHWA HE can citadel too

  7. +Mateusz Falkowski It’s not under any key, just the scroll up to get into
    the aim sights (or shift)

  8. Mateusz Falkowski

    +Nathan Peterson But he asked for what key it is under…

  9. +Bill Johnson what scope? you mean the extended range? You need to be on a
    battleship or a specific cruiser like the Murmansk to have it.

  10. +Suzumiya Haruhi Once again, russian bias confirmed

  11. +Zach Woodruff How long do you think it will take before they realize that
    he is making fun of them?

  12. Let the horse nerd accusations commence! (I really don’t see Phly being
    that type of person, lol)

  13. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +Reece Wouters or he’s a brony.

  14. +Srinivasan Mahabhashyam Probably meant “Fucking” 😉

  15. +xflamousz It’s the post 1943 USS Milwaukee (Omaha class) that was loaned
    to the USSR.

  16. Aparently Its a American ship but whatever.
    Its a slightly modified Omaha

  17. +Smitty Boy WT isn’t going to have submarines

  18. +Nathan Peterson Carriers begin at Tier IV, so perhaps subs could begin at
    III or V to balance out.

  19. +Smitty Boy Submarines would be to over powered at low tiers as they could
    be barely seen or fought against at low tiers (pre 1920s) and at high tiers
    it would be WAY to slow (Type XXI german elektrikboot could only go 20
    knots (above water)). PT boats on the other hand would be awesome…. but
    also over powered… too small to be effectively killed.

  20. +Smitty Boy So would you rather wait another fucking year to even play the

  21. I’ll take it’s a joke for $500 Bob…

  22. +Devil’s Den Captain Obvious strikes again!

  23. charles gundersen


  24. +Dylan Cole because the Pensacola is a cruiser, and US cruisers were named
    after cities, while DDs were named after figures in the navy.

  25. +Marco Caputo I sink murmanks craps for fun with cruisers.

  26. oh I sink 2-3 ships a game with the murmanks… I am learning quickly. my
    aim isn’t half bad! 😉

  27. +Marco Caputo The worst thing you can do is be a noob in any Wargaming game
    and play a few games and then buy a premium ship.
    *COUGH* Tier 8 Heavy tank drivers *COUGH*

  28. Most people are guessing that they’ll be after glorious mother Russia and
    the Royal Navy. Though with German ships being tested already who knows.

  29. +J Baldwin not just the Tirpitz. They also are testing the Bismark,
    Dresden, and Hermelin.

  30. J Baldwin (MadMechaGuy)

    +Man of the Year 1938 and Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize 1939
    There has been tests of Tirpitz in game, one of sircon has pictures, was
    being played by WG staff.

  31. +revolverswitch premium shop

  32. +wilfvenator where can I find this shit you speak of?

  33. +wilfvenator lol

  34. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +Man of the Year 1938 and Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize 1939 Nice name!

  35. Man of the Year 1938 and Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize 1939

    +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man lmao

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