Best Of 3! The Pilot | World of Warships

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Well we promised, and we’re delivering with “Best Of 3”, a new video series from the creators of “Sea Smackdown”! But you won’t find any jokes here! Each episode will highlight select moments of terrifically intense combat, as well as the best and records of players in World of Warships. The pilot episode will feature the best results according to damage per battle. Let’s find out who the best brawler was!

Keep an eye out on the official World website. Your first port of call for releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy the first episode of new series? What do you think?
    Let us know!:)
    Upload your replays on and get a chance to be featured in the series and earn some rewards. You can find more information on our portal!

  2. ΞΖεδαηΞ ΑV

    Its back…..

  3. 1000 dublons is like nothing

  4. Those ships are all OP, please nerf lol

  5. Is Robin making these now? I see you ramped up the video production after employing him 😀

  6. Really, only 1000 doublons?

  7. good series , i also like the the narrator , his videos years ago actualy made me love the game

  8. Just 1000 doubloons ??

  9. Alexandre Hans Albert

    They are too short IMO. We barely scratch what happen in those 3 game and compressing 40-50min of gameplay in 200s is a bit too much.

  10. Japan is GOD!!

  11. Yeah, damage-farming above all! Capping, spotting etc… no one cares -.-

  12. how? I don’t see any replay options

  13. This is great! Keep making these.

  14. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    This game is so Ass Backwards with the tactics. In real life you absorb damage with the belt armor and want all your guns shooting at the enemy, not playing dogfighting with ships. I miss Battlestations Pacific, and Midway.

  15. +1/-1 matchmaking and a no CV game mode please.

  16. Yes!! We need a dedicated highlights show on YouTube! With interaction!!

  17. Smack down series was better! The reward is better.

  18. Damn, those 3 Guys need to form a Clan and call it Murder Incorporated.

  19. In ARMS RACE? Are you serious?

  20. legonerf100 Josh

    Its good but it will probably never be as good as Sea Smackdown

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