BEST Premium Ship (World of Warships) Sniper Ship

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  1. Murmansk for sure, I got 500 000 XP with the ship and it’s just great.
    Atago is very easy to citadel. Tirpitz can’t match higher tiers at all.

  2. What is wrong with the video quality? Looks blurry…

  3. lol slicks entrance was actually somewhat funny.

  4. best sniper ship? gotta be when I nuked a Königsberg from like 17k and full
    health with my miyogi

  5. these low teirs are really fun to play! but them citadels ;)

  6. Respect to the carrier boy, great play

  7. baron can you pls play the new york i have it in world of warships and i
    love your vids

  8. roblox “robloxlord234” master

    bf 109b 1l in war thunder sucks can someone please tell me how to play it

  9. always fire ap in this thing when you are trying to sink a cruiser altho
    tier 6 cruisers and higher can be a problem

  10. Four and five kill streaks for me in the Murmansk are not uncommon. That
    ship is just amazing…

  11. yeah best ship it has million hp (worst hp system just hp ) but you have to
    pay for it i see bullshit in this sea

  12. Arifin Fajar Handrianto

    finaly WoWs !

  13. Herr Baron, can you play the Roon?

  14. They should add the USS Livermore

  15. Come on slick. All right ladies and gentlemen….

  16. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    taka taka taka

  17. I got the Murmansk in the Humble Bundle pack (thanks for the heads up on
    that back in the day, Baron). First 6-kill match I ever had was in this
    beast. By far the most worthwhile purchase on the premium store right now.

  18. Finally your back playing world of warships!!!

  19. BT-7 Race car tank!

    Give that CV a naval cross

  20. How didn’t you see the direction the torpedo bombers went?

  21. Love the little Murmansk… one of my favorite little “comfort food” boats
    in the game.

  22. just look at the map to see where is their planes going back and BOOOM
    there is the carrier

  23. I hope you’re in line for and we get to see a video with that Kamikaze

  24. Is there the Bismarck in World of Warships

  25. The Murmansk is definitely the most balanced premium warship I have had the
    pleasure of buying.

  26. I think u guys use hydroponics more than u let on! Keep it up!

  27. MrJohnycomelately21

    A wicked fire starter Baron?

  28. Your recon plane was up at the end of the match. You could have engaged the

  29. this carrier tho,but damn i was like screaming it, it was obvious he would
    have gone sneaky XD there wass nobody over there

  30. hey Slick, of course it is better than the Phoenix, cause the Murmansk is
    an Omaha class

  31. murmansk is a cheap beast

  32. Yes Murmansk is my favorite ship and I agree it is the best premium ship
    available. Fact last night I got 6 kills in one game and 5 in the next two
    with it…;)

  33. Murmansk is probably my favorite ship in the game. Great balance of speed,
    maneuverability, and firepower. The armor isn’t that great, but the
    maneuverability tends to make up for it.

  34. sweet you used this game!! I am now immortalized on youtube! I was the
    enemy Kongo “captnoddball”. and it was me that dealt the heavy damage to
    slick. hehe. was a fun game, I hope I run into you guys again! o7

  35. plz play some more world of tanks were you make you on map

  36. The Phoenix/Omaha/Murmansk are easy to get citadel hits.

  37. =)))))))))))))))))))))) to bad for bee thow

  38. I have to agree and say the Murmansk. Although, only about 25% of the time.
    It’s my favorite ship, but my matches generally involve me either failing
    miserably or having 5-6 kill rampages.

  39. How come you and PHLYdaily never colab? some beef going on?

  40. North Carolina plz

  41. 6:53 I live in Omaha

  42. Looks like sniper is little rusty.
    Hit rate could use slight improvement.
    I’ve done more hits in Gremlin than you shot shells in whole match… 291
    to be precise.

  43. i know do one tomorrow

  44. Personally I love the Warspite as a premium ship, guns are so nice + Royal

  45. do some 1st tier tanks for war thunder. for the little guys

  46. Lol hey Baron i know the furutaka you killed Hanover Fist is a buddy of
    mine lol

  47. They need to update this game again

  48. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  49. I think it’s tough to determine the BEST premium ship in WoWS, between the
    Tirpitz, Murmansk and Atago. What do you guys think is the best premium
    ship, and why?

    And if you want more WoWS more often, let me know by hitting that like
    button! Vver 1500 means WoWS a lot more often.

  50. Richard Camarena III

    Beautiful game!

  51. 12th gg baron!

  52. Baron can you play with the USS North Carolina pls

  53. intro was really hard to poop to js

  54. anyone else tired of these dam “5th Wave” ads? its getting old

  55. Baron likes taking large horse PENIS in his asshole. Then getting filled up
    with horse jizz.

  56. SO close to first oh well!????

  57. lol was just watching phly’s channel then now switched to baron’s. video
    was released 30 secs ago

  58. do some more tank war thunder

  59. Hi baron :)

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