Best Ship In The Game LOL xD – World of Warships

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Agano, tier 5 IJN cruiser with more torps than any, more dmg on those torps and more range on those torps than any 2 DDs combined….almost.

Sounds absolutely balanced doesn’t it.

Well yeah…..very balansed.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Tier 5-7, perhaps 8 games are the real joy of this game.

  2. To be fair Agano was a real ship and was participating in the late stages of WW2. It wasn’t designed by WG.

    • Yep it filled Japanese doctrine as a destroyer flotilla leader with a heavy focus on the long lance.

    • @Ushio01 Weirdly not just destroyer but also submarine flotillas.

    • Yes the Ship is real.

      BUT !!!

      The stat is full of WG bull***t-ery tho.
      like every other IJN ship.

    • @Omah ismanah Which stats are made up?
      Apart from the front turret turning 360°, it looks fairly accurate.

    • @TheGreenFather he meant the torpedo range and their dmg. Well yes, cause the guns are underwhelming a bit. They could nerf the torps and buff the guns. But with that kind of crappy armour you can’t be shooting all the time, just occasionally.

  3. Василий Сахаров

    Even better, it’s the real ship as well =)

  4. 9:40 Flambass funny part Atago/Takao has only 10km torps 😀

  5. But it has 8 torps total not 16… I’m confused XD

  6. Atleast this ship was real in existence, and yeah, the aganos aren‘t famous for having armor, but a buttload of long lances

  7. Love to watch these low tier battles. They are soo entertainmently joyfull.

  8. I think it only has 2 quad torp launchers that can fire from either side, not 2 quads on each side.

  9. win rate going up……keep it going!……thank you for posting!!

  10. I’ve very confused about the first shot you took. At 3:57, you were not spotted, so was it incredibly lucky blind fire or bad shooting at Trenlass who was nearby but quite aways a way?

    • no he was spotted, you can even see his “Detected” switch to “incoming” for a split second at 3:49, the shells just take that long to get there

    • @Martin Nassimi you are correct. I missed the 3 seconds of him being spotted and I even re-watched but didn’t go back far enough.

  11. This seems like a fun ship to seal club in. 😂

  12. “People just don’t do shit like this, it’s stupid.” Flambino you do realize Japan built 4 of these, right?

  13. Best ship in the game alright – best ship to get blasted off the map first in a match. Seeing these in ranked was hilarious, first ship dead 99% of the time. WG’s new ship lines have been running of streak of pointlessness lately.

  14. IJN torps during WW2 were OP. One CA sank 4 of their own ships in 1 battle because the torps passed the targeted allied ships and hit IJN ships on the other side of the allied fleet.

  15. 01:25 i get your point, but the IJN basically designed the cruisers to do this+ yes, the torps are too strong for Tier V, but at the same time, the Aganos were one of the most modern cruisers the IJN had at WW2 (iirc only beated by Ooyodo) so having the modern equipment makes sense, if anything she should have been a Tier VI to balance her more…
    (personally i would like to see Sakawa as a tier VI, she survived the war and was at Bikini with Nagato and Prinz Eugen, maybe as a fremium in the future)

  16. Yeah I agree, if the torps are 2x 3 or 4, it should be each side not total. When you go to buy or research it, its a little missleading.

    As for subs, I think AWS needs more impact, for instance, a direct over the top aws damage should disable sub, forcing it to the surface, no ping, no torps, no engine, a “splash damage ” hit causes either 1 system to be disabled for a short time or oil leak etc.

  17. Atago was always my favorite ship. Could set it up to have detect less than torp range. Stealth torping then 8 inchers open up and what enemy thought was a DD caused CLs to evaporate. Good times…

  18. So todays the amazingly toxic CV convoy special for community tokens and you’re working on your Agano stats with Trenlass, I see! Seriously though loving all your content you mutha truckers rock! 👍

  19. Its so painful to see flambass repeating like 5 times that it has 16 torpedos but then turns around to launch the other side and they dont exist? Was he not saying anything because he didnt see or because trenlass would laugh at him

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