Best Ships at Tier 2 in World of Warships Legends #shorts

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Intro ownership goes to @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel All subsequent in game footage recorded by me in the game World of Warships Legends.

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  1. Vampire has crazy guns for the tier too

  2. Mikasa is definitely the best tier 2 “battleship”

  3. Best ship and most fun!

  4. Once a week, good picks!

  5. Derzki is also fun. Basically if you are suicide torping it is roughly 5 times as good as smith. It has 10 torpedoes that can fire off every side and a stock reload of about 20 seconds.

  6. Sampson…guess not🤷

  7. Tier 1 will be?

  8. The choice of song is, indisputably, perfect

  9. I like Katori, but that lack of speed… oof 😓

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