BEST TIER 1 – RUSSIAN PATROL BOAT! World Of Warships Gameplay

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BEST TIER 1 – RUSSIAN PATROL BOAT! World Of Warships Gameplay

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  1. how do you get these? are they out now?

  2. I love your intro, Phly. It makes me think of a battleship made into a
    submarine that still is a battleship.

  3. “Chester the molester” Best nickname ever

  4. Ruski strong.

  5. phantastic video m8 i swear on me mum

  6. One drink for every time Phly said “Patrol” in this.

  7. The Russian tier1 paTROLL boat lol +PhlyDaliy

  8. 200000 Hype :D

  9. These coastal area patrol boats are very cool, where did you get it?

  10. does anyone know when more sovjet cruisers are added?

  11. Just imagine subs/u boots in this game

  12. What’s Overpowered? Russian ships. Why so? Go and ask WarGaming yourself.

  13. are German ships even out yet or what

  14. Minelayer, Phly, that’s the class of ship you’re thinking of. And
    minelayers/sweepers would be fun.

  15. are the german and russian ships are YT/developer only?

  16. it uses Vodka for fuel

  17. 5:04, Phly likes it in the rear confirmed

  18. seriously. you need to disable the goddamn zoom wheel on your mouse.

  19. i don’t think you understand how depth charges work.

  20. some magnetic mines drifted into the ship cause of the steel hulls so if u
    dropped em close enough they would be pulled into the line of the shi[p and
    maybe dragged by it and if it slowed it would die. thats a good idea since
    folks get like 2 to 5 km from the ships

  21. Phly you sexy man you

  22. I just started playing WOW how do I get the distance to how far you’re
    aiming by your reticule?

  23. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Omg since i saw the leaks like a month ago im so in loved of the Orlan!!!
    Sexy, Russian and OP, WHAT ELSE CAN I ASK FOR? Of course is a keeper!!!
    Nice video Phly :)

  24. Am I the only one whose been having their rudder jammed a lot more lately?
    It’s extremely obnoxious and it happens consistently, at least once a game

  25. i love this game but i only get 10 fps when i play on lowest settings
    possible laptop problems

  26. 2,648th!!!! :P

  27. “toot toot imma boat” -Phly 2015

  28. Mines killed more tonnage of ships than any other weapon deployed on the
    seas. How about mines that explode on contact or after a certain time?

  29. I can’t get over the Intro. I just love it.

  30. Does phly read the comments? I hope he does

  31. Imagine if you could drop sea mines

  32. Phly if you have connections with war gaming you should seriously suggest
    submarines… Then you could use depth charges!

  33. Therubb3rducky quack

    phly I think you forgot the first part of the word “depth”charge, it could
    work but you’d probably do more damage to your ship then theirs, but what
    about war gaming adding sub’s :3

  34. Phly, play the tier 1 german cruiser

  35. The official vodka dilivary ship

  36. You plan on doing mods? Which one(s)?

  37. They see mee rolling , patroling.
    Made my day xDD
    Greeings from the the fatherland! ;D

  38. and another game were russian army rules

  39. How you are able to Play the German and Russian ships? Do you have a
    special-access as Youtuber?

    PS: I hate the German Autokorrektur! (Auto-Text-correcture)

  40. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    I don’t say this as much as I should, but Phly, ur the best

  41. wait how is it 3v3

  42. Иосиф Steelin

    Are you still 22 years old?

  43. depth charges would be a cool way to disable torps

  44. Phly this game is boring sometimes and isnt phun…see what I did there?

  45. When does the new patch come…?

  46. I wish there where frigates in the game:p with a different gamemode only
    frigates vs frigates

  47. I’d love submarines in war thunder xD

  48. #PhlyDaily You mention deepth charges but how about mines? These could be
    cool imagine DD setting a trap of mines for BB.

  49. who else would think it would be cool to lay sea mines off the back

  50. Lovely ship

  51. The Orian has more range then the South cal…

  52. I just love the intro,just majestic.

  53. christopher morris

    im a simple man, i see phly videos, i hit like.

  54. That was fun. I like this ship.

  55. Dropping Depth charges near things… Phly those are called Mines :P

  56. can I have a cookie?

  57. Seems more like a Corvette than a PT boat.

  58. 15th before wifi stopped

  59. 1:52 the senphly noticed me

  60. 69th lol suck my deck

  61. Alexandre Fourchet

    Actually I was first


  63. that vodka delivery ship

  64. Quintin Baumeister

    You heard it here first, Phly likes it from the rear

  65. i love tier 1, its so fun to play

  66. 7th… Fack me

  67. Second

  68. Alexandre Fourchet

    Hey Phly? How are you

  69. sry i just had to take the chance

  70. first!

  71. FIRST!

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