Best World of Warships NA vs. EU CC Battle Highlights

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What I think were some of the best from the NA and EU CC battles on Saturday, compiled into a short video with glorious music 😀 Enjoy everybody.


  1. The Phantom Knight

    Last time I was this early, I was first

  2. That torpedo battle at the end. WP

  3. LWM was like “all skill, no luck”.

  4. So who won?

  5. 12v12 Smiths, torpedoes only. I now know what hell looks like.

  6. I wathced the whole show. It was awesome. I can see you’re having the same
    dilemma as I have in Smith: wide or narrow spread…. (((-;

  7. Only missing unicorn ships…

  8. Rofl 4:41 how he survived that ramm?

  9. Mouse torpedobeats like that and she likes playing battleships? :)

  10. Wait, has the nationality of the boat finally has a language of its race?

  11. watching Mouse torpedobeats is like those crazy good Japanese girls playing
    dance games….

  12. That torp battle in the Smiths at the end was just soooooooooooo painful to
    watch!!! And what was with the Bismarks firing off rainbows, lol?

  13. NA was pulverized

  14. Achim Hanischdörfer


  15. The only way to watch the three hour cross server community contributor
    match is to wait for the highlight reel which has been scrub of the voice
    coms. And yet its still kind of boring. LWM in the Shima was mildly

  16. its like watching a ballet show…but with ships

  17. Based iChase the tip of the spear in Bismarks o7

  18. What was that music at 3:36? When we returned to the massive Bismarck
    secondary rain?

  19. EU was pretty cheap in the bismarck battle

  20. Ichase is probably the best wows player in my opinion

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