Better result in this than in most mid tier BBs – World of Warships

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Kawachi is a tier 3 IJN BB and I got a better result in this thing than I will in any match I played in Myogi that comes afterwards or Kongo for that matter.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Damn I load yt and there’s a new vid! Nice

  2. That’s not a bad result in the Failatchi…..

  3. As much as an utter travesty the Kawachi is to play, I always enjoyed my time taking her into battle when I played. She is my TOG II <3

  4. @kurumitokisaki1496

    kawachi with 3 citadel in a row. what a great aim😂😂😂😂😂

  5. @mariuszsobieraj1208

    What’s Kawachi’s sigma by the way? 0.5? ;]

  6. Hit accuracy in WW2 for battleships in the early years where about 10% before radar entered the scene. In WW1 it was half that or less.

    • So you say, Kawachi is just 2x less accurate than Slava? Consider “slightly” different shooting ranges we’re talking about.

  7. You call T3 mid-tier? What is low tier for you than? Anyhow, nice vid 👍

    • He was comparing the result to some higher-tier ships.

    • ​@@chrisschack9716 That doesn’t change the video-title “Better result in this than in most mid-tier ships”, which pretty clearly says, the ship he drives, is a mid tier one.
      Now, it’s not a big issue or anything. It’s just low-tier for me. In my eyes, anything up to T5 is low tier these days. While T5 is like the border line. It could be considered low-tier and mid-tier at the same time.
      Ya, know, I was just surprised by the title. Nothing serious or actually bothering me. It’s kinda funny.

    • @@rantanplan178 No it doesn’t – it suggests a better result than mid-tier; that could be same tier or not. You can interpret it in different ways. GG

  8. tier 3 us bb outh Carolina has better accuracy and can make 20 knots, not often us bb is faster than another country’s bb.

  9. For some reason I did really well in the Myogi. It angles rather well when you’re running away.

  10. Flambass: Heh Yubari, you like butt stuff?

    Yubari: No, Why?

    Flambass: Hold on tight bro.

  11. @gelanghaarteweile3048

    AT least you can laugh about that “accuracy” 😀

  12. Kawachi dispersion will never not be funny. “Where did the shells land?” – “Uhm, in the ocean, sir.” – “I know that! But which ocean?!”

  13. Now, with that title, i didn’t expect a Kawachi game. You got me good there.😆

  14. @RasmusDyhrFrederiksen

    Kongo is an amazing tier 5 ship. One of the best – with Tiger and Exeter.

  15. nice kawachi game. I prefer the Nassau or the battlecruisers at tier 3. And if i want to go even lower I would take the Mikasa

  16. Thanks for the uploads.

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