better than kamikaze ? GREMYASHCHY || World of Warships

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  1. my first premium back in the days ^^ loved it 🙂

    • Panzerknacker I wish I still had mine, Sims, Gremy and Aurora I think we’re the 3 in the preorder bundle. I didn’t understand how to play destroyers and was frustrated so I sold them, could kick myself! By the way this was open beta , like this video.

    • Yubari was in the beta package. Not Aurora.

  2. I’m not quite sure why gremyashchy remains to be a tier 5 while the lead ship of the class, gnevny is tier 6 even though gremyashchy is a slightly better gnevny..

    • WG is very conservative in terms of nerfing premium ships. If gremy goes to T6, then he will face benson, kiev, kidd, kagero(actually kagero has good artillery fighting against lower tier gun boats). Therefore his performace will be reduced significantly. Since WG is afraid of being accusated due to violation of contract (A customer should not get less service – if we see premium content as a kind of service that WG provides – as long as the amount of payment is not changed), WG will not nerf premium ships. This is also why they allowed players with kutuzov and belfast to refund these ships for doubloons after the in-smoke firing nerf.

    • Hmm, good point, it IS a premium after all and we know how WG handles premiums, BTW I just noticed that atlanta is out of the american tech tree this current patch, is she not not available anymore or is she only buyable at the premium shop itself?

    • And also in 2 months from now, RIP missouri (I haven’t got myself one yet *sobs*), would be nice before the patch where missouri is removed from the tech tree, a one last replay of missouri showing freedom and democracy one last time

    • tri_ edge23 The Gnevny was the T5 before WG added the second soviet DD line. (The Ognevoi T6, Kiev T7, Tashkent T8 and Udaloi T9)

    • Finx yep gnevny was indeed before the tier 5 RU DD before the split branch arrived, it’s just that it bothers me a bit that an admittedly stronger gnevy is put down a tier than its lead ship (kidd is excusable)

  3. Now that is what i call talkin; ship.

  4. That Soviet propaganda intro tho. Lol jk great replay

  5. Nice, but Green Peace rang and want to know where the seal clubber lives 🙂

  6. Jimberly Klavical

    this player most his ship very well

  7. Maybe not better but certainly a good ship. Guess that is why you can’t get one anymore. Gunboat vs torpboat so not really a fair comparison. I would love to get one though as I really enjoyed the Russian DD line after podvoisky.

  8. team killer status removed :D, god game

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