BETTER THAN WORLD OF WARSHIPS?! – Refight: The Last Warship – Battle Royale

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Is this the competition that World Of Warships so desperately needs!?
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  1. I would give it a try. But I do doubt Chinese games cause they tend to go to the controvertial bit of privacy….

  2. Needs a British Empire War Boat Squadron mode imo

  3. I remember hearing about this game last year, and they were inactive on Twitter and the download link didn’t work at the time

  4. Looks ok but sadly I dont see it being the competitor to world if warships that we all hope to see.

  5. Alejandro Ochagavía

    Literally spent an hour looking for a game and found nothing.
    Edit: Found one, game’s kinda fun but it’s all bots so I don’t really see the point of playing.

  6. all players in world of warships who don’t use HMS Warspite complain about bent barrels, the Grand Old Ladies Barrels are perfectly straight.

  7. Achtung panzer!

    show us more game play please!

  8. the mere mention of the word china turns me off to this game immediately. i’ll stick to wows.

  9. So I’m guessing you aren’t employed by war gaming anymore otherwise you wouldn’t be talking so openly about the Russian bias, cv curse and the potential sub disaster ?

  10. Great review. Not a game Id consider getting into for multiple reasons. But I’m really appreciating your views on WoWs now. I dare not ask what happened between you and them but I find my self looking forward to your next video.

  11. Oh if you havent already given it a go, I highly recommend Cold Waters. Only downside is that its a single player game but I find the amount of skill required to do well in it is off set nicely by being rewarded for a smart play.

    • Yeah, I am really having fun with it and would also recommend for anyone new trying to pick up the game to install some mods that allow you to play the russian or chineese subs, add a lot more single battle missions, new campaigns and stuff. I really like having an option to play a battle in a russian sub before going back to campaign in a US ship. There was a mod allowing to play surface vessels, but I have not tried that one myself

  12. I like it but I’m confused, didn’t you used to work for wargaming as a community manager?

  13. Get ready for an announcement soon. iEarlGrey moves to China to become the Community Manager for the Chinese game developer Wuxi Brahma. 😉

  14. i used your invite code! but it wont let me add you as a friend, i think bc youre offline — Screng

  15. peter_dkw peter_dkw

    love to see more

  16. Were you paid to do this?
    looks like a Chinese WOWS copy. Like the hundreds of LOL and Overwatch clones.

    • Nope. I meant every word. If I were that easily bought, it’d be a video on Raid: Shadow Legends 😂🤣

  17. holy crap they blatantly ripped off WOWS ..its like an asset flip looking at a lot of elements on display —-chinese mentality i guess.

  18. in wows i loved the rts style with cv . ok it was not god or like same game to play as other classes but the retard rework time it took to do any thing just killed it for me ,then those other classes like bb,dd and cd sure enjoyable but with new op or pure SHIT prem ships spitting out in every week the power creep and mostly their ignorance of balance was a no not more for me,invested lots of time and money in this game (ps:money complaint could have gone to boos or fancy girls so therefor not a legit complaint) ill hope wows get sober and balanced some day. tnx 4 showing the few options out there

  19. Love to see the new content. Thanks!

  20. I bet wargaming will sue for this ripoff game

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