Beyond broken – World of Warships

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This is 1st out of several games I played in the most OP and broken ships in the game I could find. They are right after each other and I will be uploading them in such order, just to show you how good WG is at balancing.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Are we all ready for subs ….

    Im not

    • @mema0005 Honestly, i dont think so. Think about how much time it takes to go somewhere under water, not to mention you have to “sneak” though all the DDs, and cruisers with hydro. Still if you manage that most CVs tend to sit still or hide on the edge of the map (like noobs) so easy pings.

    • @Jay Werner fair points all, I was about 75% joking, but the way the game is going who knows what will happen next? Premium Los Angeles class sub with 26 torpedo tubes?

    • @mema0005 That would be….very amusing to say the least. Subs will definitely shake things up, the question is how and will the player base be willing to adapt. Like im sure alot of people are gonna try going for the Carriers purely out of spite, but its gonna be harder then they think its going to be. (remind me does the Los Angeles has missile silos or is that just an attack sub?)

    • @Jay Werner oof, I’m no expert but it did have some missile capabilities. I think it was possibly just anti-ship and possible anti-land targets I think it it was all conventional weapons though. I looked it up, yeah Tomahawk land missiles and Harpoon ship missiles

    • @Jay Werner Los Angeles Class attack sub Flight II Have Missile tubes installed replacing some of the torpedo tubes. See Here: Los Angeles-class submarines carry about 25 torpedo tube-launched weapons, and were designed to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles, and Harpoon missiles horizontally (from the torpedo tubes). The last 31 boats of this class (Flight II/688i) also have 12 dedicated vertical launching system tubes for launching Tomahawks. The tube configuration for the first two boats of Flight II differed from the later ones: Providence and Pittsburgh have four rows of three tubes vs. the inner two rows of four and outer two rows of two tubes found on other examples.

  2. war gaming is as good at balancing as i’m at equations

  3. CCs: It’s not so OP when X, Y and Z come together plus Christmas and Easter at the same day.

    Flambass: This shit is on fire! Woooooooo!

    • @SpartiuS94 Don’t forget to mention everyone that is actually good at this game he is a badmouthing because he is jealous and insecure.

    • @Sphyre Exactly. He gets so openly frustrated when encountered by good players that he lashes out and starts calling them names. I remember one time a top clan dude from EU told him that he (the player) knows what he’s talking about because he won KoTs, he got immediately banned from his chat. Soon later he went on multiple rants badmouthing people who say carriers are broken as fuck. He can’t make peace with the fact that he’s an average player at best and keeps taking it out on good players.

    • @SpartiuS94 Clanmate of mine said in his chat when he was Raging at Austin being shit ” A bad workman blames his tools” Instaban and visibly flicked him off. Clanmate now uses that Screenshot of him giving the middle finger as his Discord Icon. Gibbins is just an utter tool. Also very questionable hygiene creeps me out… Have you ever closely looked at his teeth or the greasy hair? Clean yourself up b4 you sit in front of a camera you slob.

    • @Sphyre Yeah he’s an idiot and it’s not a surprise how many players relate to him. They don’t want to improve and he’s perfect for them. I’m glad i was introduced to flambass as the first wows streamer i found. Especially since I found him when he really cared about the game. I learned and improved from him and got myself from measley 50% to 56% then I found the O7 apes and improved even further by watching and learning from them. You’ll only lose skill watching a moron who isn’t willing to improve.

    • Droid Motorola 388

      @Sphyre he also said Austin is under powered and garbage

  4. 1941 Nihon Gaigun Yamato-Class Battleship (71,659 tons) 2800 crew member

    Then people wonder why BBs camp at the back, those yamatos sure had a fun experience…

    • bladeclanhalo3 In it‘s not just the damage that is broken…you spot the enemy team, do spotting damage, force people to dodge, people start to play more passive and evetually your team loses…

    • @Yufka 32 so everything a dd does

    • bladeclanhalo3 I mean after 10 games at least you get the hang…so they are not difficult…

    • bladeclanhalo3 Except that dds risk their life doing so…they are very prone…and besides cvs they are probably the strongest class in the game…(if played right but they are way more difficult to learn than cvs…)

    • @Arcarsenal986 I am no “excusing the existence of CVs”. CVs should be in the game. Not how they are rn, because I hate the CV rework, but w/e. This game is a never ending circle of powercreep anyways, so if you are so mad about it, just leave the game, or wait to have even more fun against subs 😉

  5. My Midway racks up 120k dmg in 6 mins whilst still having reserve planes on deck… Yup, im gonna go cry in a corner now :’)

  6. I forgot how much I missed the Black Clouds song lol

  7. Wargaming: I see nothing wrong, this is fine. Working as intended

    • @chris b your absolutelly right. when the squadron goes on his hunt, you cant shoot them down it seems.

    • Kurosai006 Ichigo

      Its working so fine that WG is bringing in a special German CV, with oh yeah skip bombers for the update on wednesday. Oh boy, more balans

    • It is working as intended, a fusion of Midway and Audacious
      Worst than Midway but better than Auda, perfectly balanced

    • Wargaming official statement: Not enough players play th CV Class thats why the skill cap isnt that high and we dont need to chance anything. Only Unciums can play the CV Class that good but they dont play often enough thats why we dont have to change anything.

    • Kiều Đức Anh

      As intended by the US navy by 1945 when this plane was first tested

  8. Flambass + FDR = Ultimate Fun Police. This was just painful to watch. So much skill needed I almost lost some braincells.

    • Worst part is? In the hands of a Unicum the Midway is even better (better torps, faster attacks). This isn’t even peak Balans

    • Yep, Midway’s, Haku’s and MVR’s damage output is much higher so you haven’t seen real hell yet

    • @Danhvn but those you need th know how doge AA which flammbas is horrible based on this clip ( If you eat this much Flak in midway you are going to bee deplaned and Good help you in the Hakk XD

    • Droid Motorola 388

      @András Fischer he knows what he is doing. but he sometimes eats flak on purpose to prove how brainddead this ship is. I think he played other cvs before in his channel.

    • That ‘once you get the torpedo plane focus down as far as it goes you can turn without it changing’ crap is utter BS!!!

  9. And on this day in history, ladies and gentlemen, April 12 2021, Flambass finally achieved his years-long quest – he found the perfect method for going down the middle on Two Brothers.

  10. When you started on the Petro, the algorithm got confused for a second, then said FKIT…. 😂

  11. By far the craziest thing WG has done was “fix” CVs earning too much XP by nerfing the XP modifier. It didn’t tell them CVs were doing too much, nooooo it was just a “balance” calculation error.

    • Bro of course they were earning doing a lot, if there was only one DD on each team she would do alot too, if there was 4 CVs per team they would do less aswell.

  12. the definition of

  13. Its so funny to see the ships shooting their AA and doing nothing to those planes. Even if they just hover over those ships. Perfectly balanced.
    Definitly the easiest ship to play in the entire game.

    • Shawn Christensen

      This. Half the bullshit CVs can do would be countered if they just fucking flat buffed AA across the board, then hella buffed the AA of dedicated AA ships.

  14. Well, there’s an argument to be made for historical accuracy when you see what Flambass did to that yamato…. kekw

  15. You could at least have complimented that Slava 😂

  16. “This is utterly disgraceful!” -No one in WG ever

  17. Yamato: Eeh?.. What’s up with that Toro spread?

    Wg:… Just dodge!

  18. Flamu: There can be only one Balance!
    WG: Hold my Slava!

  19. as a yamato captain im in tears looking at this horror show

  20. When a carrier pushes ahead before and further than Battleships and Cruisers.

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