Big Brains World of Warships Player base go BOOM

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I apologize for the brain cells you will lose by watching today’s video but a game like this deserves a feature, for all the good and bad that will happen.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to continue giving the game a break xD

    • If you would know how it feels to get hunted by 2 subs and a super carrier as a yama…you miss the good parts of the game (dont forget the 23km HE meta)

    • Molten Bramley Apple

      XD Exactly the same feeling. Uninstalled about 2 weeks ago. Does anyone else find the game really addictive?

    • I deleted about 3 years ago. I’ve downloaded about 5 times since then, played about 5 games each time, lost my shit and deleted again lol.

    • @Batu I had the experience as a T8 vs a super carrier and one sub. It was horrifying.

    • Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

      @Molten Bramley Apple I’am so upset about this, mate… I played 3.5 years and have many of tree ships but they wrecked this beatiful game in last 2 years… its so bad.. I didnt play even not enter about 2 months.

  2. At least Schlieffen fullfilled his job as a sniping BB

  3. Isn’t it lovely getting some advice from some of the worst players in the game. Jezz you must be exhausted by those brainiacs

  4. 30% win rate (in co op) rules the waves. Thinking mans action game…….

  5. The average european is rightfully offended when presented with toast when they ordered bread!

  6. I literally see how Flambass wants to say smthng like “That playerbase!” (c)

  7. GG Flambass to post this for educational purposes…if only 1 player will use his brain after seeing this video, is a win.

  8. Ay man, there was a hidden brainiac on the enemy team… The daring at the end firing AP at nose-in daring lmaoooo

  9. telling a pro player known for excellence in destroyers how to play destroyers huh

  10. That Des Moines player turned away in last seconds showing flat broadside. I don’t know if that’s because he was aware enemy cruiser will not have angles to blap him, or not

  11. I haven’t been playing much lately.. like maybe once a week.. I feel so “liberated” Been playing a lot of empire total war (with the ETW–II mod and latest patch), Master of Orion, and Battletech (both computer and tabletop). The players on the US severs have seen the same sort of brain drain.

  12. Sometimes the other team is even worse! Love when that happens.

  13. Love it when 30% WR players give you advice. Still have no regrets selling my account to a whale over 2 years ago.

  14. I feel you were a bit harsh on the DM that came over to your side of the map, then killed Stalin 1v1, capped B, and actually did some damage to the enemy without getting killed. The rest were useless especially the Schlieffen.

    • My thoughts exactly. But flambass was already on the edge there, so there was no left nor right

    • i get chat banned for saying the same thing he does

    • Yup, way too harsh. Dude ain’t bad – also he was the only one cruiser ready to shoot in A from the beginning. That initial spot for a DM in these ranked is actually pretty good – too bad he didn’t go left just to get overmatched by Ohio lmao

  15. Debanjan Bhattacharjee

    yesterday i played with u man. 😀 i played bad as usual but played with u made my day . (u were playing in new german bb which replaced GK)

  16. It always pisses me off with braindead players. What pisses me over that is when you try to communicate in a TEAM GAME and try to salvage bad situations, then getting an answer like “Muted Already” that Flambass got. As Einstein stupidity is lethal.

  17. I said it once and I will say it again….Flambass, you are my spirit animal!

  18. I wish I got teams that immediately opened up on spotted enemy DD’s like the enemy team did on Flambass instead of ignoring it!

  19. Let’s start a movement to get Flambass’ next name to be BigBrainNo4

  20. that ohio managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, i guess he was trying to win harder

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