Big Sister Yashima – World of Warships Montage WIP

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Yamato’s big sister Yashima/Shikishima/ Yamato/A-150 is sometimes just too big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I hope you enjoyed and see you next time. Work in Progress!!


  1. We need Shinano now so we can have full set of Yamato class

  2. She still is a monster like how she was back during the days of Battlestations Pacific. The super BB who we used to progress through a game is now back to give her old friends and foes a 20in salvo. Yashima is still how she was 10 years ago but sadly the wing turrets are gone

    • “sadly the wing turrets are gone”
      Nothing bad about that at all.
      Instead you get 1 Harugumo strapped on the port side and another one to starboard.
      Add Yamamoto as captain and those 100mm guns become a bigger threat than the 510mm main guns.

      There’s a reason why the secondary guns base range was reduced from 7 to 6 km right before the ship got released for community testing.

    • Yeah the A-150s and the Montanas are my favorite units in BS: pacific.

    • Just imagine if world of warships had the damage mechanics that battlestations pacifiv had


  4. where is my nerf?

  5. UltramanYamatoGrimLockZero

    Yamato: Overpen!!!!
    A-150: more Overpen!!!!!

  6. Do we really need such a ship in the game? Aren’t Yamato and Musashi enough? Nooooo get some 510mm into your face.

  7. So it’s a Japanese Georgia on steroids…

  8. Japan building the biggest batteship

    Japan 2 minutes later: *”Even further beyond!!”*


      *Trust me, you’re gonna love this.*

    • this is to overpen, even, furthur, BEYOND!


  9. I don’t see the point of this guns in the game.
    All you did in this video I bet you can do in the normal version of Yamato.

  10. Raul Alexandru Bota

    I don’t want to know what the Russian 510 guns can do….

  11. the shells still shatter on a slightly angled Kremlin at any range lmao. BUFF YASHIMA.

  12. Now that we got a super yamato where my friends is a super gk? 🙂

  13. Yamato is one of the most feared battleship in history. This thing is called “super” sth superior of yamato for a reason

  14. Alexander Gutierrez

    Großer kurfürst is still to strong for her guns so I doubt there putting in any h class that’s bigger so yeah germany knows what their doing

  15. I fit has the yamato gun sound its all good.

  16. Hi hi big sista lol. Hi hi long time no spanking lol.

  17. 1:32 🤣

  18. ironically to buff the yashima, WG need to buff all other ship armor

  19. 510mm of pure mayhem.


    Hey! You’re back!

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