BIGGEST GUNS IN THE GAME | Admiral Graf Spee Heavy Cruiser (War Thunder 1.95)

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BIGGEST GUNS IN THE GAME | Admiral Graf Spee Heavy Cruiser (War Thunder 1.95)



  1. That intro…
    Kill me Phly, please. I’m typing this as I’m listening to how you pronounce “Spay”
    Murder me please!

  2. “Spay”

  3. Its “shpay” not “spay” phly

  4. My eye twitched a bit phly when you said spee and not spee.

  5. Fridge Launcher 2: Electric Boogaloo

  6. my friend calls the ship “Spree” so i’m not even mad

  7. You should see about playing with Napalmratte, he’s been like the only one covering ships in-depth but it’s hurt his channel sadly because so few people are into them. He could use a boost and maybe it’ll get him enough subs who are into ships to let him keep covering them. We really need someone covering ships like that to help get people into the mode call Gaijin on their shit if the mode is to ever take off.

    • @MrBigstick25 yea but he only plays realistic and wonders why naval is empty.

      I’m sure realistic tanks and planes are fun but ships are terrible in that game mode.

      His videos don’t represent what’s happening in the games (because people are trying to grind and have fun).

      He focuses too much on the numbers of the ship which is useless when thrown into the chaos of the game.

      You don’t duel in naval…you combine fire and annihilate the target. 3 minutes into my first game I realised that.

      To finish he’s given up making videos about ships as he says no one is interested yet has fostered an elite community that bashes on every thing except what *they* want.

      The only good creators are European Canadian and Philly here.

      Phil just has fun and that’s great

    • he´s a really good youtuber , sadly , it has few subs

    • that guy is an idiot… hope phly has higher standards

    • james bryant I can’t really comment on naval bro. Iv tried it and I just get annihilated most times I play so I just stick with my realistic ground and pound gameplay. I’m no where near as good as these guys but I have fun doing it. Unlike in naval where my best contribution is being a distraction for the enemy…lol
      I’m sure if I could actually contribute in a naval fight I’d like it but most matches I feel like I’m just taking up a spot that someone else could of done a lot more with.

  8. “Spay” is still really wrong xD

  9. Me: It’s ok…… He is not German and I know German is a hard language…… Plus I don’t want to be that guy
    Phly: “Spay”

  10. Me trying to pronounce it correctly:
    “Graf Sp…”
    Getting interrupted by:
    “E… A…Sports” ?

  11. YES! Now we need the HMS Exeter and we can recreate the battle of the river plate! Although we can recreate the movie already due to the Leander and town class cruisers

  12. “Three are nice but there’s too much going on. Two are nice”

    There’s a sex joke in here, I just can’t put my finger on it

  13. Phly: the Admiral Graf Spee

    Me: oh I though it was Spre-

    Phly: *wrong answer*

  14. “Raise one hand if you’re triggered” -Phly

    I don’t know man, looking at that curvy ship, something else rose C;

  15. Me: sees admiral graf spee and prinz eugen coming to wt
    Also Me being german: SENKAI ICHII

  16. Phly: turn up volume
    Me: does what he says
    250mm gun: fires
    My ear: that’s nothing
    My ear has left the chat

  17. Phly: attempts to say “Feuer”
    Also Phly: ends up saying the shittiest “Führer” ever

    It’s more like “Foyer”. xd

  18. Gaijin: ads Graf Spee
    Me as Argentinian: my grandfather would be proud if he can see me playing in his ship

  19. Phly: “It has good dispersion!”
    Me: *Cries in German BB*

  20. It’s also not spey, the “s” is pronounced like the “sh” in shame.

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