Biggest Guns in WoWS – World of Warships

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Satsuma is Japanese super BB with highest caliber guns in the game. It has 8 guns of 510mm which are capable of murdering just about anything they come across, if the RNG does NOT screw you over. A match just before this one I had like a million hits and only 145k dmg because every single shell overpenned.

It was absolutely soul crushing to watch it happen volley after volley but this match the guns actually worked.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The RNG is what made me eventually stop playing. I got tired of bad players being rewarded for playing badly as they sailed broadside on taking no real damage due to overpens and RNG misses. It just wasn’t fun.

    • Really? The RNG is what did it?? For me that’s like nr 7 on the list! 😂 (Still playing btw)

    • @AllAhabNoMoby RNG can be insanely infuriating when you do everything right and get rekt by a dumbass that makes all mistakes but gets lucky. This is what kicked me away from wargaming in WoT. This and HP pools (great, you flanked your enemy. You get one extra shot, so when you both start at 2400 hp you end up with 400 left at the end (assuming 400 per shot and nobody near), just to get killed by one shot from now on. Assuming no weird bounces and so on, that is not really wits rewarding imho…)

    • @rys iii Oh I get it, it can drive you nuts. But for me at least, subs are MUCH worse. YMMV of course.

    • Don’t play Russian games.

    • Just like in poker, you need some RNG for the fish to have a chance and keep coming back

  2. Flambass, have you ever fallen into sleep during the game? I did.

  3. Thank you for still playing this game, so we don’t have to!

  4. good game – thank you for posting

  5. In all honesty, I think the only problem you had in this game flambass was focusing your damage.
    It does not matter if the ship is 50 % hp or 1 % HP it still does the same damage and there were so many low hp ships around to kill, but were ignored.

    • Flambass did fine it’s the teammates who kept dying without doing anything other than farming damage without killing.

    • he did ignore juicier targets to finish off weaker ones this game tho

    • Big guns are supposed to chunk, not waste all their potential damage into low HP ships. Other ships can do it.
      Of course it’s mostly in theory, with teammates lacking braincells, you have to do everything, but expecting a Yamato-class to do everything is the same as expecting all of your DDs to survive more than 3 minutes.

      In the end if the whole team was unable to finish more than one ship, it’s certainly not a single player’s fault.

  6. What a great team on C..

  7. David Chrysostom

    The opening image of this video was just so awesomely funny !!

  8. Me: I got some pretty big guns….
    Her: Really?
    Me: *takes her home to show her a Shikishima game

  9. farming damage is so easy in this ship, its like another version of cvs

  10. Stewart Maclean

    Its amazing how Satsuma actually managed to be quite well ballanced, just like Yamato. Its what happenes when a ship only trait, good reliable accuracy is left to RNG to decide regardless.

    Its a similar story with how Hannover is complete garbage, just like GK and Preussen, their whole trait is armour and durability, and since all anyone use nowadays is HE, that entire trait is nulified

  11. FusoLifeMatters

    Hello, I am a tier 4 birch new guy, I am now grinding for Italian BB/ German BB and Soviet CVs and if the progress is smooth, I am gonna try German Subss. I want to hear some precious suggestion of choosing tech trees and Tier 4-7 battle strategies from you pro guys.

  12. Chat calling enemy CV player a crayon eater was too kind. Pretty sure he was actually seeing how far he could shove them up his nose….

  13. Native New Yorker

    I watched this video twice, and focused on the mini map on the second viewing to see how the other flank collapsed so quickly. Alaska, Shima and Sherman all rushed into C cap… Sherman died in the cap immediately to Yugumo torps….then Shima somehow gor gunned down in the cap by Yamgiri (no radar, how was he spotted?) and then Alaska was alone , in the cap and died to Patrie, which left Bourgogne all alone against 4 red ships. As for mid cap, Humphreys was alone and had no help, and Hanover could have easily put hydro on B cap to help Humphreys, instead Hannover sat behind an island near spawn. Humphreys then sailed into enemy spawn with no exit path and got pinched and killed by Conde, yes he helped spot the CV, but he should have realized how important it was for him to stay alive. Why two destroyers sailed immediately into C cap was first mistake, Alaska should never have been so far in the cap to begin was second mistake, and Hannover needed to push up mid and create a crossfire and tank. I would ask all of you to watch this again, and ask yourself if this is how you play, then dont be surprised when you lose by steamroll.

  14. 3 minutes into this battle and you can see on the mini-map which team will win this match.
    Something is terribly wrong with this game when a carrier can deflect a hit from Satsuma’s super guns.

  15. I get frustrated when I get like 175K and lose. I’d be infuriated with more than 300K and still losing! 🤣

  16. i got the satsuma too and i enjoy the ship but cant play it much cause you dont earn enough credits to keep playing it

  17. Well, can’t let that immovable fortress of a carrier get blind shot anymore, need to make your mouse move somehow, locking onto a ship outside of your FOV seems logical enough, all within gameplay parameters, truly.

  18. Imagine losing a game where the enemy CV is afk 💀💀💀

  19. When I started playing this game, you had no problem getting dev strikes with battleship salvos and nailing citadels all day long. But now it’s all over pens and ricochets. All the ships I spent time grinding the tech tree for are all so power crept. Such a shame because it used to be so much fun.

  20. As someone who doesn’t play the game, can someone tell me what that bar below his aim that ticks up when he deals damage and does the annoying ticking down? What mechanic is that and what purpose does it serve?

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