BIGGEST Royal Navy GUNS in Action – World of Warships

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  1. Heindel Ricardo Muñoz

    El nab en la acc de la nab xd
    Good replay

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    Premium Conqueror. Please tell this is a nightmare ?

  3. good ship maybe could have been played better – good first look for sure ??

  4. Adriel Gonzalez Centeno

    MAN!, The sound of those GUNS is amazing!

  5. 05:01 – that destroyer must have been really pissed seeing the ship being sunk by shell so close to having his torps hitting that ship

  6. man that my kill lol ^^

  7. Raul Alexandru Bota

    Good thing we can’t say the same about German Guns.

  8. Now I don’t know whether I should save this or Smolensk

  9. Those HE shells do work

  10. Such expert aim though!

  11. well did meet a couple of those in my german bb, and at close range they suck . 🙂

  12. RN ships have badass names

  13. Thunder, feel the thunder…

  14. Take my coal!!!

  15. Ship looks honestly weak. Guns are lacking punch for 457mm. He only got citadels on plain broadside targets, however accuracy seems good and HE is potent tho. But the survivability of this ship… why would people spend coal in this ship rather than grinding the Conqueror which looks far better ?

  16. Okay British ships turn circles is small but yoshino blind

  17. 4:52 good save to North Carolina

  18. Zooming in & out 6-8 times before & after shooting is very irritating in a video. Good shooting, though.

  19. ॐKastigadorॐ Castiga

    Word of FireShip ever. 100% de taxa de incêndio. Ridículo um navio de aço queimar até o final.

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