Birthday Cinemarathon with Gifts! Game Nations

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Captains! Dasha invites you to a festive cinemarathon with gifts marking the Fifth Anniversary of World of Warships! We’re going to present the best episodes of our Naval Legends series for those who haven’t seen them, and those who don’t mind watching them again. Join our festive cinemarathon, and expect gifts!
Initial episode of our Martahon is dedicated to the first in-game nations: USA, Japan, Soviet Union and Germany. We’ve come a long way since then, and the number of in-game nations has now grown to 11! Each nation has their own specific features, strength and weaknesses that offer a multitude of opportunities to devise your own tactics.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends



    • @bart van herrewegen lol no. Well you have your favourite. You will believe anything they will tell you.

    • @Tharonous West of course 600 people do different things in one company. And if you think the games balanced your crazy. and if you think all the ships are historic Leigh correct your crazy.
      of course 600 people do different things in one company. And if you think the games balanced your crazy. and if you think all the ships are historic Leigh correct your crazy. Don’t get me wrong I like this game I wanted to be great but it’s not balanced and should have more features bye now

    • @Tharonous West Crossout

    • @Stephen Carbis take your ass off your head, and hear the words coming from my mouth. Never once did I say that the game was balanced, and yes everyone has their favorite; me being a US Navy Airmen vet I lean more towards CV, only since CVNs are not in game.

      Don’t blame mechanics for you not being great, learn to play whatever vessel has the upper hand and become great.

    • @VooVee Art I’ve tried Crossout, didn’t care for it too much.

  2. 1:31 It’s wingardium Yamato, not yamataaahhh

  3. B1RTHDAYCAKE 1:11:27

  4. this only reminds me of you dropping the cool old intro to naval legends…


  6. Immanuel Gilveneli Agnes

    legends indeed

  7. Shall I offer you a “Happy Anniversary ” at these trying times?

  8. Not even Vanguard, Nelson-class, KGV-class or Warspite :((

    Why must it be Soyuz

    • cause this is a russian company….

    • @Sanyi you have to check in game. They gave 50k credits, 1 bundle of 3 economic flags, 1 bundle of 3 special flags and 1 bundle of 3 of the new combat flags.

    • @Sanyi In game click into the Armory, you’ll see your reward.

    • “they successfully crossed that abyss between design and practical implementation of guns”. One of the factors explaining why all 4 got cancelled.

    • @maitreya sharma to be fair, they were cancelled because of war priorities and reconstruction needs. If they had the will to waste money they would have been capable of building at least 2 of those after the war, so that was probably the wisest decision the Soviet Union did at the time. The second one was probably not completing Stalingrad after Stalin’s death.

  9. Dasha looks no older. She is aging as well as the Iowa.

  10. Dasha. As Dashing as always….

    I still hate getting burned and flooded to shit.

  11. Came for the code, stayed for some exciting naval history. Happy birthday!

  12. I wish they would incentivise bolder battleship gameplay instead of the cowardly style in the meta right now

    • @kaz

      if wg wanted aggressive bb’s they wouldn’t have made he spammers, slava or champagne

    • Here, take this ship that can shoot 30km away, but you need to get 100m to the target…. Each ship has its gameplay characteristics, strong and weak points, learn them and stop bitching.

    • @infernalone666 much fun to headlessly charge cruisers and new bbs with torpedos and heat spam. Some players should stop judging other players actions and just play the game. Most BBs will charge when conditions are right. Better than having single ships being ganked into infernal HE oblivion

    • I concur. 90 % have become Backline Snipers whether they’re suitable or not.

    • I wish the opposite a little bit to be honest. BB’s are the line to play in this game and it’s meta is BB heavy.

  13. Dasha: Every Nation has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.
    Russian: Komrade, we send them to Gulag.

  14. They missed the Richelieu, Littorio, and Vanguard “which were real” unlike the Sovetsky Soyuz. If we are talking about the largest battleships from each of the major nations. Russia never had any that they actually completed. But Britain, Italy and France did. Just thought I’d point that out.

    • Good point but its Russian biased

    • You just described the entire russian forces in this game.

    • supertamal2000 Yeah but I think they add so many fake Russian ships to attract more Russian players. Their Russian player base is quite scarce. But even after adding more fake Russian ships it still doesn’t seem to be working to how they had hoped. Russian players are still few a far between. I hope wargaming knows that Russians still adhere to “reality” and that they know that their nation had only a small number of “real” historical warships. And wargaming seems to think that by adding fake soviet warships it will attract more Russian players, but like I said it’s not working.

    • “Russia never had any that they actually completed” isn’t exactly correct. Russian Empire built quite a few dreadnought battleships before the revolution. Some of them survived through WWII well into the 50s. Soviet Union on the other hand failed to complete even a single one. Soviets were always better at destroying than they were at creating.

    • Origami Chik3n What I actually meant was that the “ Soviet Union” never had any that they actually completed. The Russian empire on the other hand completed a total of eight Dreadnought battleships. Three of those would survive to fight in WW2, and two of them earned the order of the red banner! But in terms of building and actually finishing a modern battleship like in this video with Sovetsky Soyuz just didn’t materialize. Soviet industry was so slow that it took nearly three years just to make one gun barrel. The soviets just didn’t have the industrial capabilities, and naval expertise to build such large and sophisticated ships.

  15. Can we have subtitles instead of dubbing please?

  16. Hard to believe Yamato was actually real. Damn what site it would’ve been if she’d survived and made into a historic museum just as the Iowa is.

  17. Love how WGing tries to justify their Russian bias paper ships.

  18. I’m waiting for that episode on Kerlim can she even float.. but i do find it insulting Russian ships are built to plan, but american/german/british ships are all done by the completed projects when the plans called for greater firepower and protection just like the Russian ships.. only the builders had to work with reality.. unlike the Russian vessels part of wargamings line up lol.

  19. When are you guys also giving gifts to the WOW legends players ?

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