BISMARCK 10,6 km secondary range ! – World of Warships – Panzerknacker Testing Ground

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The mighty . a few US Battleships using mostly her . sure this is just “fun” and some BUT you can imagine how strong this build is in actual game if destroyer or other ships try to come close….

Just shooting my mainguns from time to time 🙂

Its with 5 skill point manual , AFT, BFT, and flag for aditional range.

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  1. Achim Hanischdörfer

    I would claim the honour of the 1st comment, but I am to lazy.

  2. Achim Hanischdörfer

    It’s like having a cleveland strapped to each side. RIP DDs in range of a

  3. Gaming Entertainment 12

    DESHALB will ich sie haben 😀 Und weil man dieses Schiff als deutscher
    unbedingt braucht :D

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Stop mocking me i still need the Nassau cause my exam damm u genius german

  5. Christian “Twicky” Pasch

    Is your Surname “Pasch”? Or why di you use it?

  6. need to test this against some DDs

  7. This secondary gun build is less interesting, than the New Yorks shooting
    at the vulnerable parts of the Bismarck and doing a lot of damage for being
    3 tiers lower.

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