Bismarck B is Immortal! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Hey Spartan, literally playing her right now 😆

  2. How do you rate this against the standard counter part.. I didn’t like it when reading the patch notes. I wish they would give a separate damage breakdown for the secondary fire.

    • Honestly they are essentially identical but the B variant has shorter range mains and longer range secondaries and gets the premium ship credit bonus

  3. GG Spartan. I think this is your second time to compliment the Bismarck. Lol

  4. Another Bismarck video? I like it, I open some crates for the ship and I open it, another great video of her, german ship stream incoming?😆

  5. One thing that i dont like in this Update was they use tech tree ships and like they have a little bit better stats and did them to premium because if you dont have like Bismarck then you Can just buy it that is kinda like bruh for me because i just grind for the Bismarck and then some Can just buy it

  6. Should I buy bismarck b?

  7. Im just gonna say it as it is. It is impossible to Get a win in the mogami. You are so dependent on your’e team mates doing well and we all know how thats going to end… they should really have had a match system that matched up teams based on win ratio.

  8. I like the Bismark in the sense she feels like the Rocky of the game. Takes tons of hits. Can hit hard but not super hard but will last long enough to defeat you.

  9. Bismarck B is channeling not only the actual Bismarck but also Sabaton to boot.

  10. Should be running Justinian Lyons as an inspiration, aswell as Von Hipper with Hide. I get about 15 fires each game 😂

  11. I still suck with the regular Bismarck :/

  12. I like the Bismark/B. Tanky enough when you need them to be, accurate enough when within a certain range, and secondaries that sort out any destroyers that stray too close. Keep playing them. 👍

  13. I potato at the best of times but I am learning to disengage and re-engage as well as operating a bit more cautiously in dds, it is helping with winning and earning really trying to use the squishy bits between my ears but sometimes you get targeted and slapped, just gotta keep grinding and making those plays, love your work Spartan

  14. I was running a Hyde build also, this match was well, something else always a pleasure

  15. Love it ❤️

  16. Bismarck B also carries premium benefits.

  17. Ive been grinding bismark. I have gwagon at 100,000 and tired of it. Have doubloons in the bank and thinking on cashing out on bismark black and grinding another bb tree. Or buying another premium and finish out bismark. What do you think?

  18. Bismark has okay secondaries, 150 ish hits and 2 fires is kinda weak. Battle cruiser line secondaries seem superior, even better than the Bismark B with its longer range.

  19. Buyed bismarck B In the current black Friday. Also played the normal bismarck alot. I love this ship

  20. That match reminds me of how you could play a few years ago.

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