Bismarck Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay replay of a Bismark, the tier 7 KM German Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on Xbox 1 and PS4. German battleship tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in a Bismark.


  1. Been waiting for this Bull????

  2. I just bought Gneisenau, it’s gonna take me a while before I get to Bismarck

  3. I’ve gotten one really gute Kraken in the Tirpitz

  4. Again, learned a lot. Thanks. I am getting better but my captain is Don Knots.

  5. He was probably mad because you “stole” “his” kill on the Colorado.

  6. ? reviews the ship but also teaches good gameplay with explanations for decisions. Another quality vid.

  7. Daily Iowa joke? You from Wisconsin too? Lol.

  8. Don’t let chumps like that get to you. You’ve done Way more for this game than that jerk could ever hurt it!!! Keep up the good work Bull!!!!!

  9. Any advice/tips for playing the Gneisenau?

  10. I think a full broadside was what was going through his head ?

  11. As always, great vid Tbull. Very helpful, many thanks.

  12. My point exact about the vanguard. He was facing you at such an angle that you should have not been able to citadel that ship. But again It’s vanguard. You can do citadel to that ship from any angle you shoot it at. In my opinion. Worst tier 7 battleship.

  13. The turtle broken on this too? I’ve wrecked it in my Amagi so I’m guessing yes

  14. The dd was throwing a temper tantrum for reasons only they know. Dont worry about throwing salt. You’ve got it up to dang near professional levels anyways. Always enjoy a little tbull saltiness. Good games & great tactical info as always. Thank you!

  15. I’m getting so sick of the run and clump strategy, it’s so frustrating.

  16. So when you spawn as part of 3 ships, directly in front of you the enemy has 3 ships spawned that same side? or is your strong side their weak side and vice versa?

    • On Haven and Fault Line the weak side 3 spawn opposite the enemy’s strong side 6.

    • @Tbull oh rite, I didn’t know it was flipped. So you say it’s good that if you spawn on the weak flank to stay on the weak side and rather than push to cap, merely try be a nuisance and keep their strong side distracted while your strong side hopefully gets the business done? That seems like a good plan.

    • That’s the general idea. Because of the mismatched sides, the game tends to flow in a clockwise circle, but if you slow down their teams flow sufficiently while your strong side advances, that usually results in a win

  17. Pure gold Tbull – Trust your enemies to play well, not your teammates 🙂 i think it capsulates the essence of doing well in this game

  18. Rumors have it that Wargaming are about to expand the Tier system. From now on it’s gonna be Tier1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7… Tbull.

  19. I found to use a long range battleship captain but the modules to the ship are only for secondaries

  20. Spend all my free xP to get from the König to the gneisenau?

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