Bismarck – Jean Luke Pickup and Haruna (World of Warships: Legends Xbox Series X 4K)

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Bismarck – Jean Luke Pickup and Haruna

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  1. Spicy build there 🙂

  2. Try Bismarck Full Accuracy?

  3. 5:02 If you where in their position youd die a pointless death and do nothing but gaurentee the loss, if that odin pushes just look at the mini map and see the crossfire your team has set up ready to punish him. Staying behind that rock is the right play because it makes the fight a 2v3 and not a 4v3 by taking you out of the fight and if they can kill the cruisers then that means the fight will be in their favor and they can push you in a 2v3.

    • He just sat there for 3 mins, that’s it… that’s the play

    • @Punished_Miller that mean nothing other than hipper got lucky they had no teamwork. The reverse could have happened hippers cruiser teamates could have easily been potatos and got dev struck and or farmed by the cruiser supporting the oden. the approach the situation they where in was correct the execution was the problem.

    • @Punished_Miller Throwing away your ship 3 minutes into the game is not the right play either.

  4. “Communist Bob in his Fascist battleship”, not a phrase I thought I’d hear .

  5. T-bull have you gotten the Bellerophon yet?
    Because let me tell you with a madden Build its really great

  6. I played Bis yesterday and was continually sprayed by HE spam. They haven’t gone away.

  7. Interesting build Mr Hipper think I’ll be giving him a try later on.

  8. I always enjoy your more experimental builds Hipper. I have been messing around with a speed build on the Georgia and it turned out to be pretty entertaining. With speed boost active and either Beaply or Kinkaid commanding and Guepratte inspiring I pushed Gerogia’s speed to 40 knots. A 40 knot BB with 18 inch guns is utter hilarity.

  9. I like to run Scharnhorst with Hipper and Fusou for inspiration on my Bismarck.

  10. I missed the chance to grab him, gotta wait till they bring him back again…..

  11. There you go spending my promotion orders again!

  12. I tried him a few weeks ago ,but I mentioned it was a citidel factory.

  13. This reminds me. I thought I had this commander already now I cant find him. And I picked up that bubble fish and can’t find. Strange. I thought of these commander a while ago and realized where are they? Idk if mine was a temporary thing from the Galax y event.

  14. Id stick with 5 heal hipper.

  15. I’ve been using this build on my Nassau, but haven’t tried it on Bismarck. Agree with you that this build is most effective against destroyers…especially when they’re yolo’ng. Enjoyed watching!

  16. you are hitting 6 shorts out of 8 fired at 18.6 KM
    now thats what i call accurate shot

  17. I’m glad you mentioned Bismarck versus destroyers. That’s one of the things I have the most fun doing in Bismarck: charging down destroyers in caps. She’s fairly nimble, and the sonar is a nasty surprise for destroyer captains sitting in smoke.

  18. It’s worst when you’re on the red team pinging them to take a cap

  19. Curious to see your thoughts on the bellaraphon. I tried out an agile build with Tennant and was thinking VII HIPPER would love this.

  20. Excellent build, and it’s the one I’ve been using for a while on Bismarck and secondary build Gneisenau & Scharnhorst. In the spirit of creative secondary builds, utilizing unorthodox commanders, I’ve been experimenting with Hans Geisler (aircraft carrier commander) as a secondary build battleship commander on Gneisenau/Scharnhorst. The logic is that you can stack Haruna and Von Hipper’s secondary inspirations with Geisler’s Barrage base trait to really speed up secondary gun reload. As a bonus, Geisler’s other skills lend themselves well to Gneisenau/Scharnhorst, as Geisler’s”One-Way Ticket” skill increases the ship’s torpedo damage, as it conveniently isn’t limited to aircraft torpedo damage, and you can use “A Good Day’s Work” or “No-Fly Zone” to taste, as well as “On Alert” to improve rudder shift time and “Look at Me Know” for concealment. Obviously use “Fully Packed” as your Legendary Skill for extra consumable charges (repair parties and enhanced secondary targeting). I usually like to use AL Scharnhorst as a pro-dispersion inspiration on my secondary builds, to tighten up your ability to make shots, but this Geisler secondary build is meant to be a pure secondary set up, main battery dispersion be damned! With this Geisler build, you’re basically brawling and making destroyer’s lives miserable.

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