Bismarck Refuses to Give Up Flank! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. RE, guns not firing. It’s definitely a bug. I’ve had it on multiple ships, usually when you’re about to dev strike someone 😂

  2. Bismarck B always has a special place with me because I won a match in it when it was 2 vs 9 at the end. I used the B to guard our cap while all 9 of them tried to take it. I managed to stay alive long enough while resetting them for our dd to cap their base. Ironically, it was also on Two Brothers.

  3. AL Roon commander gives damage reduction when being shot at, so if you are tsking damage, is normal to activate sonar with that commander

  4. I was on two brothers today in Prinz Eugen. Three DDs a team, ours were all in a Div. All three of them rushed center and got railed and defeat shortly followed. I don’t understand the decision making of the general player base

  5. I regularly say, take the time to learn every ship of every line, if you know how to use the ship you know how to beat it and can get great battles with it.
    I recently had a big carry with the Colorado, nearly a last man standing award and my team won. The last 2 hostiles were dds vs my Colorado and they were up on points and bases.

    • @Spartan Elite43 You understand how to use Bismark, so you can get great battles with her, I am still working the German lines to where I can get her to learn her myself.

      wowspc, Colorado needs 800k xp to fully grind her to elite status, not there yet myself but it’s the time it takes that lets me learn how to play her right.

  6. Hey spartan I was just wondering if you plan on having a stream soon. If not no worries keep up the great content

  7. My favourite battleship of all time, thanks to this because I know that the Bismarck is your least liked warship at tier 7 and sometimes the germans make you cry

  8. Bismarck will always be my #1 favorite German battleship both in real life and in the game. By the way, great job defending the flank. Hopefully, I can learn from that video on how to play Bismarck correctly.

  9. 3:47 that might be if you have an older controller or one that you use a lot. Eventually the triggers and joysticks become less sensitive and not pick up inputs. You would have seen a “reloading” somewhere on the screen if you press trigger but guns are reloading and not ready.

  10. Hallo Spartan komme selbst aus Deutschland und mag die Deutschen Schlachtschiffe sehr gerne!
    Danke das du wieder die Bismarck gespielt hast!

  11. Well rested Spartan kicking butts.

  12. That turret not firing glitch happened to me in my queen Elizabeth. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who experienced it lol.

  13. Spartan you would be proud of me. Yesterday in my Montana I got a win with 3k base xp, lets just say my Montana like the Legendary ploting room😂

  14. I wonder how many in here recognize ‘You shall not pass!’…. although my favorite Grail moment is the King Arthur that thought the peasant was a woman.

  15. That turret glitch happened too me 4-5x over the last few days…very frustrating

  16. You played well good tactics,nice work 👍 Odin wrong played she has a torps had to push and cross fire but she had late too late

  17. Angels and Ministers of grace defend us….SpartanElite43 admitted to trolling the Bismarck to get people to click on the video….who would’ve guessed? 🤪

  18. I’m still suffering through Gneisenau. Even if Bismarck is good I still question if it’s worth it.😫

  19. Old Guy Gaming Network

    I know it is a terrible play, but have you ever bum rushed up the center in a three-man division? One of the most memorable games I ever had was rushing the center with three Scharnhorst’s. It actually worked and we stomped the enemy team.

  20. Old Guy Gaming Network

    I swear to god Wargaming must have inserted a special line of code that when someone gives you a perfect broadside and you blap them, it automatically saves their last 10 hit points, robbing you of the kill.

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