Bismarck Secondaries VS Yamato World of Warships | Wows Bismarck vs Wows Yamato

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Bismarck Secondaries VS Yamato : World | Wows Bismarck vs Wows Yamato
Today we find out just how strong the bismarcks secondaries truely are in when we put them against the yamato in a straight up 1v1. I hope you enjoy seeing the bismarcks secondaries in action, IR;m not allowed to use the main guns or damage con or any heals when facing the yamato in world of warships whereas the enemy yamato can use all his guns and secondaries on me, the bismarck. Hope you enjoy!

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One Comment:

  1. Hey Mate, nice one, the real secondary fight will be Big Mami (Massachusetts) vs. Tirpitz/Bismarck and of course full(!) secondary spec. Sadly often decided by RNG (fires).

    Tier VIII, Tier III Captain Slot: what I sometimes consider is to change DemoExp for BFT, it is quite hard to say which THE better one is, as in full secondary spec only one Tier III is possible. Imho as the VIII ships are often uptiered, DemoExp has a point, due to the sadness that on how on/good angled the AP especially the German 380s have too less pen. Furthermore the Massachusetts needs IFHE to pen better, so the fire chances go down. Do not understand me wrong, the DMG output is the loss of fire chance totally worth it. But as I said, may be instead of BFT.

    On my GK, if I don’t use the common tank/survivability build, I use BasOfSurv for all my average secondary builds instead of BFT, for a bit better protection. May be I will change AFT into FireProof, the spam is very high. Sadly the GK’s ones have shorter range than République.

    If you need a sparing partner for testing, on EU I can help, may be – ThePeperich (nickname WoWs).

    Keep up your entertaining work. All the best from Germany, Pepe

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