Bismarck SMACK DOWN – World of Warships

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  1. lumayan lah..

  2. I got the Friedrich yesterday, and i dont think its as bad as everybody says.

  3. Just got my T7 I got like 3 perma camos for bismarck but i dont own it lol

    Imagen of he was in a tirp?

  4. Beast Marck!!

  5. Almost like in a Western: the ship walks into a Saloon and smacks down one opponent after the other.

  6. My Bis is suk

  7. I play primarily German ships. Should I just send my great replays to you?

  8. German steel

  9. cheat code enabled.

  10. I have Beat some pretty good ships with my fully upgraded Bismarck including some tier 9 and 10 honestly I have had very few bad games with this ship so I really enjoy playing the Bismarck it is one of my favorite Ships of all time tho I admit I can’t wait to get the Montana and the tier 10 German Battleship the Kurfürst

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